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Post by KostaAndreadis @ 04:02pm 01/07/16 | 3 Comments
Like with Total War: Rome II the first bit of paid-for DLC for Total War: Warhammer is essentially that option in the menu where put a yes next to 'Show Blood and Gore'. For $2.99 USD. Okay, so Blood for the Blood God does add dismemberment, blood spatter across units, and new campaign specific events that generate carnage. But still, paying for blood effects in a game called Total War seems a little off.

It does look cool though.

Blood for The Blood God brings a number of gory new mature-rated effects to Total War: WARHAMMER.
  • Blood spurts
  • Gory spatter on unit models
  • Limb and head dismemberment (humanoids and non-legendary characters)
  • Zombies, skeletons and Grave Guard may continue to fight after dismemberment!
  • Explosive Gibbing from deadly mid-torso strikes
  • Blood-drenched UI elements
  • New random, global campaign events that generate greater carnage in battle

As per the previous Blood Mode DLC packs for previous games, community reaction has been on the negative side. For the simple reason that it feels like an option that should have been included in the base game.

With or without gore though Total War: Warhammer is an excellent game and one that reinvigorates the series in ways that make it one the early contendors for best of 2016.

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Latest Comments
Tanaka Khan
Posted 06:48pm 01/7/16
Love the game but yes I agree, should have been included in the base game.
Posted 08:40pm 01/7/16
Pfft well it would seem a bit off true....but this is a SEGA game right?
Have we forgotten the $5 commanders and $3 tank skins?
As in you buy what should be a part of the base game, especially with regards to the commanders, as these change the balance of the game.
Posted 07:18pm 02/7/16
Watch any blood mods get taken down immediately..not giving them money for a tbh s***** looking blood addition and honestly I spend most of the battles high up not zoomed in
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