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Post by KostaAndreadis @ 02:48pm 28/06/16 | 6 Comments
It looks like a number of Australian players have been incorrectly placed onto US servers whilst trying to play the PC version of Overwatch. Normally that wouldn't be a huge issue, but as we're talking about a ping increase from ~40ms to ~200ms, that could mean the difference between the Hanzo we know and love from the cinematic animated short to one that fires arrows like that one Orc archer in Lord of the Rings that couldn't hit Frodo who was just sitting there crying about Gandalf as he fell into that giant pit with the Balrog. Ahem.

Blizzard, who are aware of the issue, has responded with the following.

Hey everyone,

Thanks so much for the reports. After really digging into this over the weekend, we’ve been able to confirm that there is indeed an issue preventing some players in the Americas region from being matched into local servers — specifically those near/around Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, and Brazil. This is currently only affecting PC players (our local servers for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One appear to be working fine) and, while we don’t yet know why this is happening, we can see that the problem became much more noticeable last Thursday.

We’re still investigating possible causes, so we don’t have a solid ETA on when everything will get back to normal. Unfortunately, it’s unlikely we’ll be able to identify the bug and implement a permanent solution this week, but we’ll be trying out some things over the next few days that may improve your experience for a short time. This would only be a temporary band-aid, though; our biggest priority is to find a fix that addresses the problem at its source.

We’re super sorry for the inconvenience, and we’ll be sure to update everyone as soon as we make any sort of major progress. Thanks again for letting us know something was wrong, and most of all for your continued support.

The fact that it's being looked into is a plus. In the meantime if this is affecting your Overwatch sessions, play as Mercy or Lucio. Because a), people will love the heals, and b), you don't need to be 'Bradley Cooper is The American Sniper' to feel like you're contributing to your team.

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Latest Comments
Posted 02:54pm 28/6/16
I thought this was normal. Matchmaking tries to put you on an Aus server (where I ping 17ms) and after a while of trying, it then expands to USWest servers, where I ping 170ms. I've just gotten completely used to it and treat it as normal, no complaints here.

I'd rather they fix the massive hitbox issues rather than ping issues.

Edit: Oh as for the playing Mercy thing, that's play, I already do. I'm in the top 1% of Mercy players so yay.
Posted 03:00pm 28/6/16
Cool, well the issue is that some players are unable to get games on local servers at all. But I'm with you on the whole 170ms deal, playing on Blizzard's US West servers are probably the best case scenario for playing on American servers.
Posted 03:24pm 28/6/16
I agree with Raven i would rather them fix the hitbox and ticket issues.
Posted 03:50pm 28/6/16
Yeah and just so we're clear,

Posted 04:29pm 28/6/16
I thought this was normal. Matchmaking tries to put you on an Aus server (where I ping 17ms) and after a while of trying, it then expands to USWest servers, where I ping 170ms.

Thats definitely not normal, I've never been put on a US server since local servers opened back in beta. Even if I'm in a 6 man premade and it takes a few minutes to find a game it doesn't end up on US servers, so yeah, thats a problem.

Playing with a high ping is s*** even as a character like Mercy, because it makes it almost impossible to dodge stuff coming at you. With the netcode favouring the shooter, by the time you see a rocket coming and try and avoid it, its already hit you. If you come round a corner and see a turret, by the time you react and try and get in cover or try and taken it out, its probably already half killed you if you're Mercy or someone squishy like that.

Hitboxes don't really bother me tbh, its such a fast moving game that I think it rarely makes a difference tbh. In all those "Proof!" videos where they have two people standing perfectly still in front of each other carefully lining up shots, then sure, you can see the difference, but in the chaos of an actual game? Out of a few hundred games I can only remember one time I was killed by a Hanzo and the kill cam showing a shot that looked like it should have missed me, not really any other times I've died and felt like I would have survived if it wasn't for those damn hitboxes.

I figured if anything the hitboxes were a bit bigger just because of how fast things move, to make hitting a fast moving target like Tracer a bit easier. If you're standing still you're doing it wrong
Posted 04:51pm 28/6/16
it was a goblin archer. lol
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