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Post by KostaAndreadis @ 02:39pm 21/06/16 | 11 Comments
Competitive Play is the new ranked mode for Overwatch that we've been hearing about for months. Still on track to debut in the coming weeks, Overwatch Game Director Jeff Kaplan has utilised the latest developer update video to brief players on how it will work. Remember the tier-based progression system from the beta? Well, that's gone. In its place we've got a new skill-rating and matchmaking system that aims to give players a better sense of taking part in a seasonal event.

As for the seasons themselves they'll run in conjunction with the northern hemisphere seasons, with the first Overwatch Competitive Play season to be themed around summer. Each season will run for roughly two and a half months, with a short break between seasons.

The ranking system will now focus on a skill rating, first obtains from playing placement games. A person's skill rating will be visible to all players and teams themselves will be given an overall skill rating. It's expected that through continuous play you'll see your skill rating rise and fall depending on performance.

In terms of balance, the rating system will take into account who you go up against, so if you're matched up against a higher skilled team then you'll be rewarded more for in-game performance. Also with the Competitive Play Blizzard are looking at certain maps and things like sudden death to ensure they're more balanced for both attackers and defenders.

Blizzard intends to tweak and improve the system as time goes on, and it'll be great to finally to our skills to the test. Here's hoping we have what it takes to unlock some of the seasonal cosmetic rewards, like golden weapons for characters.

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Latest Comments
Posted 09:05pm 21/6/16
I don't get it. I have read a few times about this "competitive play". But those words don't actually say anything about the structure of the game mode itself.
Is it still a cart/payload type game?
Or is it some "competitive" type of TDM?
For a game as team-focused as Overwatch, I really can't see a competitive TDM will suit? Essentially it is creating a team-based game IP, then saying 'f*** it, for the serious stuff, we'll just copy COD".
Posted 09:12pm 21/6/16
Ok so after watching the linked video, it makes more sense.
So the game mode is the same, it is just for "more competitive gameplay".

All I can say at the moment is LOL.
A game like Overwatch simply isn't ever going to be competitive like COD or CSGO. The styling, the pacing of the game is just not competition-worthy.
Overwatch has as much potential for competition game play as Halo. It's a great game and some people will play it at its highest levels, but its not a serious comp game as it is too spam and crit heavy.

I think this is just an attempt from Blizzard to get their name into FPS comp play, in order to try and emulate some of their dominance of the competitive RTS world.
But Overwatch just won't be the right game to make that push.
Posted 09:40pm 21/6/16
It's not competitive like pro esports competitive, it's just ranked play. Like ranked play in hearthstone or hots or StarCraft or seasons in d3. Or arena/rbgs in WoW. Same game, just with a bit more structure to it and you play to increase your rank and at the end of a season the people at the top ranks get rewards.
Posted 09:49pm 21/6/16
yeah sure valid points, it's probably more of a push because they can because of something like 'might as well try this ranked mode thing with the scoring and see what happens' rather than emulate the huge loot @ comps that those other competitive games show off

imo Overwatch is just meant to be good arcade mode fun

the game's made with things like huge arty maps polys and textures and loose character hitboxes so it's more of a showcase mmo to peddle merchandise to a huge consumer audience

and besides, ranked competitive is kinda boring. there can only be one

Posted 11:41pm 21/6/16
A game like Overwatch simply isn't ever going to be competitive like COD or CSGO. The styling, the pacing of the game is just not competition-worthy.
Overwatch has as much potential for competition game play as Halo. It's a great game and some people will play it at its highest levels, but its not a serious comp game as it is too spam and crit heavy.

I haven't played Overwatch so will take your word on that but Halo was actually one of the first shooters on the pro gaming circuit. I won't deny it is not really up there anymore but it was pretty sweaty back in the Halo 2 and 3 days in the US at least.
Posted 06:55am 22/6/16
I don't see why it wouldn't work at an esports level? No, it's not a game based on precise reflexes and aim like CS but the shooting is still heavily skilled based. That part doesn't matter though when the game rewards good strategy and teamwork but punishes bad or wrong decisions. The rock paper scissors design and lots of useful characters could make it a lot more complex as a whole than a traditional DM or CS type of game.
Posted 10:54am 22/6/16
Theres been a couple of tournaments already run, nothing large scale though afaik, and it works decently well as an esports thing. Not that I'm an expert on what good esports is cos I usually don't watch it, but I found it to be entertaining to watch.
Posted 12:23pm 22/6/16
In the next four weeks alone there is over half a million dollars pool in Overwatch tourneys scheduled.

Yes, it has major issues as a competitive game - but it's still going to have tournaments available.
Posted 01:26pm 22/6/16
Yeah no doubt that Blizzard (and others) will organise tournaments...they want to promote this new IP after all.
But Overwatch is very similar to TF2 in many ways. TF2 never made it big in esports for the same reasons Overwatch probably won't.
Loose gameplay, pacing, spam heavy, crit heavy, cartoony styling and very team focussed.
And it is a different type of team gameplay to CSGO or COD etc. There are simply so many people on a team all of which have powerrs that interact with each other in various ways. Essentially as a viewer it would look interesting and colourful, but it isn't a tactical masterpiece. More of a bowl of mash.
The only way I can see Overwatch making eSports is if it did a 5v5 a FPS version of DOTA or LOL. It basically would look very similar.
However, then it wouldn't be Overwatch as it is today, seeing as the mega team element would be reduced.
Posted 02:01pm 22/6/16
Its only 6v6, the teams aren't THAT big
Posted 11:00am 24/6/16

Overwatch is currently neck-and-neck with League of Legends in Korea for player count; if that continues once the new game 'honeymoon' is over it will be massive on the esports scene.
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