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The first episode of Asemblance, the debut game from Nilo Studios drops this week. Taking inspiration from classic sci-fi series like Rod Serling's Twilight Zone and Charlie Brooker's Black Mirror, Asemblance comes form a team made up of veteran developers who worked on big sci-fi hits like Halo and Destiny. Asemblance delivers psychologically thrilling tales for today's gamer, in an intriguing new anthology series.

Although saying a game is a bit like X and Y is a kind of an easy way to associate a visual style or gameplay mechanic in a manner that can sell something in today's fast-paced go-get-em modern-day society-place, Assemblance stands out for the absolutely perfect blend of inspirational choices. Personally speaking, both Twilight Zone and Black Mirror are seminal sci-fi, providing the sort of rich narrative experiences that go beyond genre to say something profound about humanity. Plus, show us what would happen if Captain Kirk got drunk on a plane and began imagining a creature just chillin' on the wings.

Assemblance apparently is also part X-Files, David Lynch soundscape and in terms of gameplay draws inspiration from recent titles like PT and The Stanley Parable. Which, when you add it all up, make this one that any sci-fi or psychological weirdness fan should be keen to check out. Plus, the idea of a game series going the anthology route is one we're keen to check out.

The pilot episode of Asemblance takes place around the building of an experimental memory machine. You find yourself trapped in its systematic logic with the choice of trying to escape or going deeper into the memories you begin to uncover. Progressing the game depends on using context clues to solve puzzles and the narrative possibilities allow you to decide on what is ultimately true.

Which we plan to do when the game launches June 22 on PlayStation 4 and PC, for $9.99 USD.

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