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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 10:30am 18/06/16 | 4 Comments
At E3 2016 we were given a chance to take Ubisoft Montreal's For Honor for a little sword-swinging stroll. We also spoke with producer Stephane Cordin who gave some insight into the game's beginnings and what they hope to achieve with such a lofty project.

Here's a snippet from our feature:
On paper, it’s every kid who grew up watching sword-fighting epics’ dream. What if we put some of the most disciplined sword-wielders from history into the same story; into the same fight? What would happen? Which discipline would win out? Whose culture had the strongest will to win, and to survive? In fact, History Channel and the like have made entire series around those very questions, but they’re all spoken to, and presented in, a modern dialogue.

Now, sure, I get where your concern lies -- well, videogames are a modern dialogue too, right? Yes, as a medium, but not in what that medium is capable of doing, if put into the right sword hand. For instance, the game’s main driver, Jason Vandenberghe, is a passionate sword person. He was behind Ubsoft’s Red Steel 2 -- one of the first games requiring the Wii MotionPlus add-on controller device which he felt brought unseen fidelity to gaming (if you click that link, bear in mind that was in 2009). Jason’s For Honor producer compatriote Stephane Cardin was also happy to explain that Vandenberghe himself is a student of the sword -- the German broadsword, to be specific. And also that he has been pitching this idea to Ubisoft for more than three years.
Click here for our preview feature, and stay tuned for more from Stephane on the game soon.

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Latest Comments
Posted 09:50pm 19/6/16
You mean German longswords?
Steve Farrelly
Posted 09:18am 20/6/16
That could be, but the exact wording in my interview from Stephane was "German Broadsword"
Posted 11:40am 20/6/16
I dunno, this looked pretty dull in the demo they did in the Ubisoft press conference. Combat didn't feel like it flowed at all, you just button mashed your way through the fodder guys then you'd come to the tougher guys and just play what looked like rock-paper-scissors with them till someone died, felt like it broke up the action and killed the momentum each time.
Posted 09:43am 23/6/16
Yeah I agree. The combat in this does not look very skillful at all. A lot of spam defense and spam offence. After a few attempts at playing skillfully, I think most players will devolve into a button mash style out of frustration.
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