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A great trailer for a game can do a number of things, introduce you to a new world, give you a small taste of a much larger experience, and even stir up a bunch of emotions. But above all it should leave you excited to see more. And with the feeling that you simply must. play. it. now. With dozens if not hundreds of trailers released over the course of last week, we've sifted through the majority (or at least a dozen or so) of them to bring you the very best.

First up is the trailer for Mafia III which more than lives up to the cinematic aspirations of the series. In fact, if this were the trailer for a new film or Netflix series we'd be just as excited. The world of crime has never looked so good.

As suckers for all things sci-fi, especially stuff where android rights come into play, Detroit: Become Human was a bit of a surprise. After last year's debut we weren't sure what to expect this time around. But a futuristic crime-story where an android investigator has to deal with rogue models who turn on humans looks fantastic. And not only in terms of its story, the way the trailer showcases all the branching narrative choices is brilliant.

Usually it's nigh on impossible to make footage of exotic cars racing around virtual environments look exciting for more than a few seconds, but the trailer for Forza Horizon 3 certainly comes closer than we've ever seen. Maybe it's the fact that the game takes place in a fantasy version of Australia, but it's hard to not watch the following and walk away impressed.

Dishonored 2 looking good in its gameplay debut was never really up for debate, the original has aged better than most games from 2012, and everything we've heard about it over the past year has left us impressed. So yeah the game looks good. Damn good. And the fact that you can now play though the entire story from the perspective of two different characters puts it to very top of our most wanted list this holiday season.

After the bland first outing failed to leave much of a mark, outside of selling millions of copies of course, we weren't really leaning one way or the other going into the debut of Watch Dogs 2. As Ubisoft's big holiday release we're happy to say that this looks like a lot of fun. It's bright, colourful, and full of style.

Okay so this one is a little more out of left field. The trailer for Gravity Rush 2 is one of those quick-cut energetic pieces chock full of impressive moments whilst leaving you a little confused. As a game that let's you control gravity whilst fighting off enemies though, this looks unlike anything else we've ever seen. Outside of the original of course.

The big one, Battlefield 1. Aka the internet's favourite FPS series. Which you can chalk up to the fantastic teaser trailer from a month back, and the amazing full length gameplay trailer below. What else is there to say about it? Horses, tanks, biplanes, trains, desert sands, muddy trenches, amazing visuals, and a giant airship going down in flames. Bring on October 21.

Usually pre-rendered teaser trailers are a hard sell, mainly because they don't really tell you much about the game. But the one we got to see for Bethesda's upcoming Prey reboot, looks incredible. The psychological horror meets sci-fi vibe is wonderful, as are the cryptic visuals. We can't wait to see more.

Alright, this might be cheating. As it's more gameplay demo than trailer. But the slice of God of War we got see at Sony's conference was simply remarkable. Part short film, part demo of a fantasy survival game where a father teaches his son about nature-stuff, this was easily the most technically impressive showing at E3. And one of the most exhilarating.

Finally, we come to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Clearly the game that stole our E3 2016 sized hearts with its modern day rendition of a Nintendo classic. The sheer size and scope of the world to explore, beautiful graphics, and amazing animation are one thing. But the way in which Nintendo is able to take what we now consider the norm in terms of open world exploration, and make it look just about best in class, is worth all the praise in the world. Oh, and the debut trailer is just about perfect.

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