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Post by KostaAndreadis @ 04:41pm 16/06/16 | 1 Comments
When Nintendo said that the only console title it would bring to E3 was the next installment in The Legend of Zelda we expected to be impressed with a look at a dungeon or two and maybe some open world exploration. Instead of that they opened up the flood gates by going over a big chunk of what you can find in the game. And it all looks amazing.

With the new 'go anywhere, do anything' approach to design, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is clear departure for the franchise whilst also being the biggest and most ambitious Nintendo game every created.

And we can't wait to play it. Now, a lot of what we see here can be seen a spoiler-ish, but as the team at Nintendo continuously remind us, how you play the game will be different to how they play it.

Here's a taste of the exploration.

Combat and the new weapon system!

A look at the mysterious Shrines, which are part puzzle room part dungeon. Apparently the game has over 100 to find.

With the large open world to explore, there's also a new survival element where Link will act as a hunter and gatherer.

Zelda Producer Eiji Aonuma takes you beyond the demo area to showcase the size and scope of the world. The climbing mechanics are truly next level.

And last but not least, the great Shigeru Miyamoto talks about how this new game relates the original 8-bit classic. Swoon!

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Posted 11:57am 17/6/16
F***** shat my pants with excitment. I am not watching any more because this is too cool. I am buying a f*****g wiiu for this game. Or the NX I don't know but I want to play it. release date is 2017, which means late 2017, which means f*** you nintendo release the f*****g game already.
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