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Sony once again made putting on an exciting and interesting E3 conference look effortless. Even though, based on some of the other conferences we've seen so far, that's totally not the case. With an awesome orchestra and conductor in tow Sony spent basically the entire show going over the great games coming to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation VR in the near future. Spoiler alert, they all look pretty impressive.

After the impressive orchestral warm-up the show kicked off with the surprise return of God of War in a new take on the long running series that eschews the over the top action and violence for a more revered and sombre look at life in a fantasy world. Okay so it looks pretty amazing, and not boring at all. It's just that the whole father-son dynamic feels like a drastic departure for the series. But still, one that has never looked better. or felt so real. Nobody seems to get anywhere near the lush wilderness environments we see time and again on PlayStation 4. #GodofWarisBack

Next up we got a look at a new game from Sony's Bend Studio, best known for their Syphon Filter series of games. With Days Gone we get to see another post-apocalyptic world where zombies have taken over and people struggle to survive. But this time, from the point of view of a biker. Although the setting may sound similar to a number of other titles out there, Days Gone certainly looks the part, so we'll wait until we see more on this before jumping to any conclusions.

It's finally happening, The Last Guardian is coming out on PlayStation on October 25. After several years in development this quirky adventure game that has no shortage of style is finally in the home stretch. And to celebrate the occasion we got a new gameplay trailer for the game, one that looks very similar in tone to game we saw last year. But with more bombast and crazy giant creatures to look at in awe. And slight puzzlement.

With a release date of February 28, 2017 the more see of Horizon Zero Dawn the more we want to play it. As an open world survival role playing adventure thing set in a future where robots have evolved into primal creatures and humans live like cavemen, the demo showcased today went through a bunch of combat scenarios, gave us a brief look at the crafting mechanics, as well as give us a glimpse at robo-riding.

Developer Quantic Dream usually receives a mixed and varied response to its games. With a heavy focus on cinematic presentation, quick time events, and simple point-and-click style exploration, their games aren't for everyone. But that doesn't stop its latest effort, Detroit Become Human, from looking absolutely incredible. In the trailer presentation which showcases the multi-layered nature to the storytelling, and the way choices can effect outcomes, this new game set in a world where android servants rise up against their masters and android detectives look to solve and resolve disturbances looks unlike anything we've seen before.

Shifting the conference focus to PlayStation VR was natural, as was announcing the U.S. launch date and price. 13/10 and $399 respectively. But how Sony managed to do so was pure genius. With footage of a deeply unsettling horror game played from a first-person perspective with nothing but a flashlight and abandoned house to explore what we were witnessing was actually footage from Resident Evil 7, the next game in the long running zombie franchise from Capcom that looks to reinvigorate the series by turning it on its head and going full psychological horror. Plus, it'll be playable in its entirety on PlayStation VR when it launches January 24, 2017.

As incredible as it looked, Resident Evil 7 was probably was too intense a game to sell the prospect of PlayStation VR. So next up was a look at some other VR projects coming this year including an X-Wing VR Mission for Star Wars Battlefront, Batman Arkham VR, VR content for Final Fantasy XV, and a new sci-fi experience called Farpoint. Even though it was presented in 2D all the VR stuff shown looked great.

Moving to third-party content was the obligatory look at an action-packed Call of Duty sequence. A time old E3 tradition, this time coming from this year's upcoming Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. But unlike other Call of Duty presentations this one was a bit different in that a chunk of it was spent showcasing space dog-fighting and other vacuum related activities. Like all recent Call of Duty games the production values were impeccable and the set pieces looked like a lot of fun to play.

Next up Sony introduced veteran game designer Hideo Kojima with all the fanfare one would usually reserve for a deity, who then proceeded to unveil a new project that he and his new studio Kojima Productions are working on for PlayStation 4. Called Death Stranding the trailer raises way mroe questions than it answers. But it was great to see Kojima back in the spotlight so soon after his departure from Konami.

The final trailer for the conference was for a new Spider-Man game being developed by Insomniac Games. And apart from the weird white logo on the front of the suit, the game looks pretty impressive. And visually more in line with the Sam Raimi films than the recent, and somewhat lackluster, reboot films.

Closing out the show was a gameplay demo for Days Gone, which you can check out at around the 1h 40m mark in the below video. Impressive in the sheer number of zombies it displays on screen at any given time, the whole demo gives it a Last of Us meets Dead Rising sort of vibe. Which, could either be a good or bad thing.

So there you have it, Sony once again clearly giving fans what they wanted to see. Games. Even without an updated look at the Final Fantasy VII remake or a mention of the supposed PlayStation 4.5 releasing later this year, Sony's conference was a delight from start to finish.

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