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Post by KostaAndreadis @ 12:33pm 14/06/16 | 3 Comments
After speculation and rumour that Microsoft would unveil a new slimmer version of the Xbox One at E3, that's pretty much what happened with the debut of the Xbox One S. A 40% smaller version of the Xbox One with a newly refined controller, "High Dynamic Range" something or other, 4K video support and a number of different storage options. Oh, and the Xbox One S is set to launch in Australia on August 31, with a special 2TB launch edition for $549.95 RRP.

Which in turn means that there will also be few different variants including a 500GB Xbox One S and a 1TB Xbox One S. The special launch edition is available to pre-order now from the Microsoft store.

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Posted 12:42pm 14/6/16
""High Dynamic Range" something or other"

Do you seriously not know what HDR is? HDR and 4K capability means it has an HDMI 2.0b port which will only be useful for streaming Netflix content in 4K HDR.

I'm expecting the PS4 Neo to have a 4K BD drive because Sony will want that standard in the marketplace ASAP.
Posted 12:47pm 14/6/16
hehe yeh i know what it is, twas a jest because it's being used as a selling point.
Posted 06:09pm 14/6/16
bought the XOne way too early, kinda lucky i sold it for what i got for it. and after my ID@Xbox went dead it was worthless to me anyway

Xblg should just allow direct access to push builds to the hardware with something like a sandboxed virtual os instance so that indie developers can test their games on the hardware in situe without having to cut builds and send them off to the XboxLive admin

i'd probably buy another one, but only if it wasn't so anti indie development except through some weird channel partner thing that nobody ever get's an email response from
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