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Post by KostaAndreadis @ 03:34pm 08/06/16 | 5 Comments
At 2:00 AM AEST at the official Watch Dogs site. That's right, getting in before its annual E3 conference, Ubisoft will provide the first look at Watch Dogs 2 later tonight. Or early tomorrow morning, depending on your daily schedule. In terms of what to expect though, its probably safe to say that we'll be getting a trailer of sorts revealing the setting and main characters in the game. And a possible release date. Some of which we actually already know thanks to a leaked advert.

Spoiler alert, Watch Dogs 2 will take place in San Francisco and will be released November 15. Which was gleaned off of a marketing banner that ran a day early on IGN. Whoops.

As for the game itself, your level of excitement will probably vary. That's because the original Watch Dogs received a mixed response from both critics and players. But that didn't stop it from selling around about 4 million copies during its launch week. Which makes the sequel less of a surprise, and more of an expectation.

Here's the teaser or, as they're commonly referred to, the non-trailer for tonight's reveal.

ubisoftwatch dogsfirst lookwatch dogs 2reveal

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Steve Farrelly
Posted 03:48pm 08/6/16
I'm pumped for this. The last game had so much potential and did a lot of things better than other open-world games, it just fell a bit short
Posted 02:39am 09/6/16
Watch Dogs was a genuinely awful game.
Posted 07:08am 09/6/16
I honestly didn't mind Watch Dogs, I even went and completed 100%. The game definitely had it's flaws but I really loved the multiplayer side of the game where a player would hack you and you'd need to find where they were, that was alot of fun.

They admitted in a Watch Dogs 2 video that IGN put up this morning that the last world was broken because NPCs only reacted to the player and not each other so hopefully Ubisoft fixes the world up to make it feel more alive.
Posted 08:56am 09/6/16
I 100% watchdogs. I cant resist the OCD aspects of open world games, Batman is the same. This should be fun.

The app based PvP game was fun too.

Gameplay looks awesome

Posted 11:39am 09/6/16
Yeah, I liked Watchdogs, played it all the way through.

The try hard hip/street/urban vibe I got from that trailer of Watchdogs 2 though has put me right off.
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