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Post by KostaAndreadis @ 03:03pm 01/06/16 | 2 Comments
The latest expansion for The Elder Scrolls Online, starring the secret assassin guild the Dark Brotherhood, is now available for PC and Mac. The content, which is also headed to the console versions in a few weeks time, introduces new areas to explore, towns to visit, and quests to complete. And with the name of the new zone being the Gold Coast, probably some heavy drinking too. Hiyooo!

The Dark Brotherhood has always been special for Elder Scrolls fans, including many of us here, and we are excited to finally be able to bring it to Elder Scrolls Online. The Dark Brotherhood DLC game pack introduces the Gold Coast zone, where you can explore the towns of Anvil, Kvatch, and the landscape between them. This DLC is jam-packed with fun new quests, a new skill line, new delves, group bosses and all new ways to murder NPCs with executions and poisons.

In addition to the new content this patch also brings a slew of changes and updates to the base game.

Veteran Ranks have finally been removed, which simplifies and unifies leveling into one system. In addition to Veteran Rank removal, we've added in a number of new systems and improvements, including things like:
  • Quality-of-Life: Nameplates, Item Locking, Repair warnings, Enchanting updates, Class balance adjustments, Trait Improvements, Poison making, Hats and Personalities
  • Grouping Tool/Activity Finder: Vote to Kick, Ready Check, and Deserter Debuffs
  • PVP: Cyrodiil latency improvements, Imperial City district capture, and new vendors with scaled gear

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Latest Comments
Tanaka Khan
Posted 10:00pm 01/6/16
I've just got way too many games to play at the moment. Played this all day today and it was great. Things are really looking up for ESO.
Posted 11:40pm 01/6/16
I've only just started playing ESO, still working through the main storyline but so far it is a lot better than what I remember from the beta. Looking forward to hitting up the DLC stuff, I bought a couple of months of game time so I should have plenty of time to get through it.

Was a bit surprised about the banking changes, pretty much all the gold I have been making has gone towards bank and bag space upgrades so I can carry more materials and all the sudden it turns out they are giving us unlimited storage space for materials so I have an empty bank and heaps of bag space. I'm no a fan of the sprinting cost changes on gear incorporating dodge, I abuse sprint a lot and now I'm running out of puff whereas before I was an energizer bunny. Maybe it's a balance for end game or something, I pretty much never use dodge because I don't have the stamina to spare.

The inventory system and the lack of a universal player trading system are still pretty bad though for a modern MMO(They have guild stores where you can buy/sell things so if you want to buy something you have to check a billionty different guild stores)
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