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Post by KostaAndreadis @ 03:16pm 31/05/16 | 7 Comments
Yeah, yeah, we're now getting our news from filters added to the E3 website. But hey, what are you going to do? With the recent rumour pointing to an Xbox One hardware upgrade sometime next year, and that the company is looking to partner with Oculus Rift, the official E3 Website has a new filter for developers and exhibitors called "Xbox One Virtual Reality". And with a few Oculus Rift developers utilising the, err, filter, we're probably looking at some sort of VR related announcement from Microsoft at E3.

Granted this filter has been there for a while, but with just about every serious gaming platform embracing VR or at the very least having a VR strategy in place, all eyes will be on Microsoft to do something. At this point it's all but guaranteed that the company will be revealing a new lower cost Xbox One model for release later this year. So the question is, how much of the Xbox-future are they willing to reveal. Which would have to be something, because if all we get is a cheaper, quieter Xbox One reveal, then the company runs the risk of dis-associating the Xbox brand with hardcore gaming.

According the the E3 website four companies have listed "Xbox One Virtual Reality" as part of their showcase including Rebellion, Maximum Games, Readily Information Company, and 3DRudder.

Source: neoGAF

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Latest Comments
Posted 01:09pm 01/6/16
So what happened to MS' AR solution?

And what happened to MS saying an Xbox One 1.5 will never happen?
Posted 04:57pm 05/6/16
Phil Spencer said there will be no Xbox One 1.5 and if they release a new Xbox One spec it will be more like Xbox One 2.0 as they would not pussy around with a minor hardware upgrade.
Posted 04:59pm 05/6/16
fake hunter :(
Posted 08:34pm 05/6/16
Is there sufficient distance between the original Xbox One and this new one?
Posted 08:49am 06/6/16
Even if this new Xbone is more powerful would developers even develop games for this?
Posted 12:58pm 06/6/16
Is there sufficient distance between the original Xbox One and this new one?

If the rumoured one comes out next year its 4 years between the X-Box 1 and the X-box "2".

It's about right for a console generation, maybe a year early.
Posted 04:38pm 06/6/16
Lol Hunter and you believe that huh...

Meanwhile they're also saying the Xbox 'One' will support an Oculus - hardware whose minimum specs are a 970 on PC.

Meanwhile meanwhile PS4.5 will have the new AMD hardware that doubles performance - reportedly bringing it up to aroundabout the power of a 970... I'm sure MS have no intention of harnessing this and plan to just stay put until the generation kills them outright.

Anyway, the day after I posted that comment and I get an email about the MS Hololens... it was an odd read. Apparently I deleted it. I thought I was gunna share it first. Oh well.
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