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Post by KostaAndreadis @ 02:52pm 30/05/16 | 5 Comments
Mafia III's New Bordeaux is a city inspired by New Orleans of the 1960s. From swamp lands, to suburbs, to late night smoke filled jazz clubs. In a new Mafia III trailer we get to hear the developers of the game talk about the city and its role in the game. Which, unlike previous Mafia games looks to be more than just a pretty non-interactive background.

Although a departure from previous Mafia games, the setting and characters of Mafia III look great. And we can't wait to play it.

Check it out.

With E3 right around the corner, expect to see plenty more Mafia III footage and information. And hopefully, as the music that opens this 2k trailer hints at, a bit about the next Red Dead Redemption. You know if I was a conspiracy nut, I'd say that the short music that opens this clip is a hidden message about Red Dead 2. But, I'm not. So I won't.

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Latest Comments
Steve Farrelly
Posted 05:35pm 30/5/16
Seriously cannot wait for this!
Posted 06:00pm 31/5/16
I really hope this is going to be every bit as good as it looks like it's going to be.
Posted 07:21pm 31/5/16
yup, ive loved the previous mafia games
Posted 07:43pm 31/5/16
Looks nice. I'll keep my eye on this. I am not hyped for it but I will probably get it.
Posted 09:23am 01/6/16
It's looking good, let's hope you can shoot out of cars while driving in this one.
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