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Post by KostaAndreadis @ 05:46pm 25/05/16 | 13 Comments
Out today, we're ready to give you our verdict on Creative Assembly's latest Total War venture. You may of heard about it, it's the one set in the Warhammer universe. A fantasy world full of magic, fantastic creatures, quests to retrieve mythical swords, and perpetual conflict. In other words the perfect fit for the traditionally real-history-only Total War.

In fact, the fantasy setting just about breathes new life into the franchise making this the most important and fun Total War in a while.

It’s safe to say that the battles in Total War: Warhammer are some of the best we’ve ever seen, and one of the best reasons to play the game. Like the climatic scenes from The Lord of the Rings films, watching seas of greenskins, humans, dwarves, and undead creatures going at it, whilst being control of it all is just about a dream come true. And as a long-time Total War player, avoiding the Auto-Resolve button for most encounters, saving replays and then watching past battles is a welcome change. It speaks to how fresh Total War: Warhammer feels, even though it’s kind of the same game we’ve all been playing for a number of years now.

Click here to read our in-depth Total War: Warhammer Review!

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Latest Comments
Tanaka Khan
Posted 06:35pm 25/5/16
Good review, great game. I just can't say enough about this release.

Vampires 4 lyfe!
Posted 12:01am 26/5/16
Well I am having problems. I can't seem to do well in the campaign. It's either I'm retarded or I am doing something wrong, perhaps both. :(
Posted 12:29am 26/5/16
Hey Blade. What seems to be the issue? I restarted the campaign after about 50 turns cause I wasn't doing so well. What worked for me was to ensure that I was getting income early on, plus if you're playing as Empire I kind of left the northwest region alone as that got too crazy early on.
Posted 06:08am 26/5/16
I tried the Orks first and that was ok but you cant leave your cities unless you build a bog boss tent, which keeps public order (or whatever they call it) in check. So that did not help me. After 30-40 turns the Dwarves came and wiped my army and took the cities i captured. They had better units.

So I tried the vampires next and put it on easy. Same sort of thing happened.

I will try again but with the Dwarves next time.
Posted 07:16am 26/5/16
I want to get it, but as with other total war games, it will end up being Total DLC more than anything. As a massive Warhammer, 40k etc fan, there is a lot I would love to do in a game such as this, but the prospect of having to pay and pay and pay per race? GW + CA = grab for cash?

I can see this later on being fantastic, especially if it comes out with a campaign editor (has one already? I have no idea).
Posted 08:11am 26/5/16
Yeah. CA is pretty dodgy when it comes to DLC and such. I hope they do better.

Also I started the dwarf campaign and it's going ok so far.
Posted 02:28pm 26/5/16
Yeah Dwarf campaign a good place to start, also once you get the gist of the diplomacy and how all the upgrades and hero stuff works you'll do way better on a second playthrough.
Tanaka Khan
Posted 12:17am 27/5/16
Posted 08:24am 27/5/16
I like to rename things. I called one of my settlements "Brass Balls" and another one "Mount Iron-Fart". Anyone else named anything good?
Posted 03:58am 28/5/16
I am finding the game to be unbalanced and therefore not enjoyable. Im going to do a steam backup and uninstall it. Maybe CA will fix this later.
Posted 09:57am 28/5/16
Why do you think it's unbalanced? Not having a go, just curious.
Tanaka Khan
Posted 04:26pm 28/5/16
Still playing my Vampires and I've taken over a town from the orcs (once belong to the Border Princes) and they left behind an Enormous Pillar of Poo (Public order -10, Income from all buildings -40%)
Posted 07:57pm 28/5/16
Been glued to my PC since release, really loving it so far. I have been playing nothing but my Vampire campaign and can't see myself trying one of the other races for probably a good week yet. Great game so far
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