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Post by KostaAndreadis @ 03:10pm 12/05/16 | 50 Comments
DOOM is out tomorrow, and in preparation for the launch Bethesda has released a new behind the scenes look at the game called 'Guns, Demons, Speed'. It covers how the game is all about taking out demons and building up a large arsenal of weaponry. The sort of stuff that in the '90s would have you pressing 0-9 on your keyboard to switch between plasma rifles, shotguns, and high-powered beam weapons.

The video also goes into a bit of detail about the progression system in the game that lest you fine tune your demon slaying for maximum, and gory, effect. Check it out.

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Posted 10:04am 13/5/16
I'll probably give it a go, but I'm mostly interested in multiplayer.

The first things I'll be trying is hitting the tide key and typing "showweapon 0", then "give all"

Hope we can see the severs, but I'm guessing it will be that stupid Battlefront system.
Posted 10:07am 13/5/16
No review copies sent out until after the game is released, that never bodes well
Posted 03:00pm 13/5/16

Surprisingly, initial user reviews seem rather good http://store.steampowered.com/app/379720/#app_reviews_hash

Posted 03:38pm 13/5/16


$45, pretty cheap if people are looking to pick it up
Posted 05:08pm 13/5/16
DOOM666 as the coupon key if you want a couple of bucks off that price.
Posted 05:30pm 13/5/16
Well I have given in and bought the bloody thing if only for the single player element hope its worth it

Posted 05:54pm 13/5/16


$45, pretty cheap if people are looking to pick it up

Posted 06:01pm 13/5/16
I just bought it out of sheer impulse I'll report my findings later.
Posted 06:09pm 13/5/16


Posted 06:24pm 13/5/16
I'll probs get it and do the single player if the reviews aren't terrible.
Posted 08:27pm 13/5/16
looking forward to Ausgamers official review and your reviews
Posted 08:47pm 13/5/16
This is killing me got to download 45 gig FFS on adsls @1.8 per sec 5 F*****g hours !!!!!!!
Posted 10:26pm 13/5/16
Couple of people have said the single player is awesome and doomy and the MP is s***e. The MP was outsourced.
Posted 06:48am 14/5/16
I've completed the first level of DOOM and I like what I see so far, definately gone back to it's roots of being a fast spaced shooter slaughtering demons with big open spaces to run around in.

I was abit put off by the 'glory kills' but works into the gameplay pretty well.

Edit: Spoiler:
just found a door that requires a blue key... the memories are coming back
Posted 08:18am 14/5/16
Just bought it from cdkeys.com , price has gone up to AU$51 ( ~ AU$48 with that DOOM666 code)

Never bought from there previously, very smooth process

Now to wait all flippin day while the 44GB downloads... thanks Turnbull!
Posted 01:30pm 14/5/16
Hehe, like this little easter egg, if you die in lava

Posted 02:01pm 14/5/16
Well as one of the many that bagged out the MP aspect of the game I am very very pleased with the single player element fast paced ( almost q3 ish ) game play is brilliant lots of areas to explore , I'm doing a straight up slaughter my way to the end then will have to go back and find all the little secret places.

Very nice indeed
Posted 06:14pm 14/5/16
Is there much of a story for the single player game, or is it really just an an excuse to shoot things? Because I really was hoping for an actual story. Not high hopes, but hopes none the less.
Posted 10:19pm 14/5/16
My youngest son (16) played thru it in one sitting (bad parenting I know) he said he loves it because it felt more like Doom of old, not like the last one. He has given the single play a big thumbs up, and also said he found tons of easter eggs in there as well. Giving the MP a bash this afternoon.
Posted 10:42pm 14/5/16
I love that your 16 year old knows the original Doom, gives me hope in the generation of gamers coming after me! hehe

Single player does seem to be getting a really good wrap though. It feels a little bit sad if its true that they outsourced the Multiplayer and thats why it feels so different and no good, I mean, this is the company that pretty much pioneered arena shooters or just multiplayer FPS in general. Feels like the definite end of an era when id software is outsourcing the multiplayer portion of an FPS.
Posted 07:04pm 15/5/16
Is there much of a story for the single player game, or is it really just an an excuse to shoot things? Because I really was hoping for an actual story

Theres not a heap of story, but theres collectibles and stuff around the place that fill in some more backstory. Honestly though, it doesn't need story, its at its best when its just about blasting s***, and I say that as someone that is usually ALL about the story in games.

I'm having a blast with it, I impulse bought a cheap cd key and I'm having a lot more fun with it than I expected. Doubt I'll bother with multiplayer, I dunno, I didn't play the beta but it sounds like its gimped in multiplayer compared to single player.
Posted 10:25pm 15/5/16
well that didn't take long ..

Posted 02:59pm 16/5/16
anyone experiencing issues with video resolution? I can't set it to anything higher than 1920x1080. My monitor native res is 2560x1440
Posted 02:57pm 17/5/16
Decent review of singleplayer by an Aussie bloke:

Posted 03:07pm 17/5/16
The single player is really great, but as a whole package the game has some serious split personality disorder going on. Its so painfully obvious that the single player, the multiplayer and snap map were worked on by entirely different teams with (what I can only assume to be) little communication between each other.

The single player is great, it feels like classic id at their best. The multiplayer then manages to strip away a lot of what makes the single player campaign's gameplay so fun and turn it into a generic Halo-era multiplayer shooter. And snap map is just weird.

I mean the snap map editor itself is amazing, its a really impressive and easy to use bit of tech that you can do a lot with pretty simply. But then it has its own currency, 'snap credits' or something, that you earn from completing map making 'challenges' and from playing other people's maps and topping leaderboards and such. Then you use these credits to buy new skins and cosmetic stuff for your character and your guns. The thing is though, I think (as far as I can tell) this only unlocks the skins and the cosmetics for your character when you're playing other people's snap maps, if you go into the normal multiplayer it has an entirely separate progression system for unlocking skins and taunts and such for using in normal multiplayer maps.

Theres even some map-making stuff you need to 'buy' with snap credits before you can unlock it and use it when making your maps, but people have already started making and publishing maps which are just really simple and easy to beat so you can run them over and over and farm credits to buy the bits you need, but I mean, why is that even a thing! As a map making tool, its amazing, my hat is off to them, but WHY did they feel the need to try and take an awesome map editor and add gameplay to the act of making maps. Why does a map editor need a progression system and an ingame store with its own currency. It makes zero sense to me, it stands very strong on its own just as a map editor, adding all this extra s*** just feels like it cheapens things. If people want gameplay, they'll go play the actual game, you don't need to gamify the map editor ffs.

The whole package is just a bit weird and disjointed though. If you want to play other people's maps they made, you can't just play them, you need to start up the map editor and play them through the server browser in the map editor. And then the game itself plays differently in that mode than it does in campaign OR multiplayer. The interact key arbitrarily becomes F instead of E for example, and you no longer pick up weapons just by running over them, you now need to manually pick things up by standing on them and holding F. Even the fonts in the UI are different!

Also, the bit that really drives home how separate the three parts of it are, if you start the game up to play campaign and then want to play multiplayer, the game has to actually completely exit and then restart itself as the multiplayer version of the game. And then if you want to use snapmap it has to completely exit and start up the snap map version of the game. Its literally like three separate products. You could actually split it up and sell it as three different things, it doesn't feel like they mesh together at all.
Posted 06:28pm 17/5/16
I've noticed that there's a delay in texturing??

Anyone else got this?

Posted 06:13pm 18/5/16
Yeah rrrocket I've noticed that too
Posted 07:00pm 18/5/16
Yeah rrrocket I've noticed that too

What video card do you have?
Posted 07:31pm 18/5/16
980ti, I'm running everything on Ultra @ 1080p, it's pretty noticeable when I run right into a small room as if the room wasn't ready for me the textures are still being built lol
Posted 07:59pm 18/5/16
Are you playing off an SSD? I've got a 980ti as well, but I'm running the game off an SSD, and I don't think I've noticed texture pop-in like that (or maybe I'm just old and blind). I'm sure it happens though, cos it has happened in all the other games running on id tech engines since they adopted that whole megatexture thing, I definitely noticed it in Wolfenstein, but yeah I don't think I have noticed it as much in Doom.

At least this time the game isn't hard locked to 60 fps like previous id tech games were. Progress!
Posted 07:59pm 18/5/16
I use do SEDF keys. So if interact is E or F :( as I saw in a video that not all keys can be rebound. Unless it allows you to edit the cfg and still join MP servers?
Posted 08:13pm 18/5/16
I don't think it matters for multiplayer, I've only played a couple of games of multiplayer but there didn't seem to be anything you needed to interact with anyway. The snap-map multiplayer maps have things to interact with, but thats separate from the normal 6v6 deathmatch multiplayer.
Posted 11:47pm 18/5/16
Yeah, the multiplayer really is s*** =\ I dunno what game they thought they were making when they did that multiplayer, but it wasn't Doom

I don't think I'm gonna play anymore of the multiplayer, cos it just turns me off the whole game. The rocket launcher feels SO S*** in multiplayer, it seems to do f*** all damage :(
Posted 08:48am 19/5/16
Yeah, multiplayer isn't anything special. Player speed is SOOOOOOOOO slow. All thanks to consoles no doubt :(
Posted 08:49am 19/5/16
A direct rocket in Doom does 60 hp damage..lol

Posted 09:27am 19/5/16
i like the multiplayer =)
Posted 04:30pm 19/5/16
Are you playing off an SSD? I've got a 980ti as well, but I'm running the game off an SSD,

No running on just a sata drive my SSD is for windows and documents etc.

I notice it but it doesn't really take away from the game at all.

I haven't played since last weekend so keen to finish it this weekend.
Posted 01:07pm 20/5/16
Snap-map is pretty fun to play around with, but I feel its going to end up being a missed opportunity since you can't play any of the maps people make unless you actually go into the snap-map editor and play them from there. I looked on steam and only 1.5% of people even have the achievement for doing snap-map tutorials and only 4% have the achievement for actually playing snap-maps other people have made, so it seems like a pretty tiny audience really. And the currency and buying cosmetic upgrades is still retarded.

The editor itself though is brilliant, would be nice if there was some options for outdoor rocky mars surface type areas (its all interiors as far as I could tell), but its really easy to do quite a lot and even set up some pretty complex logic quite simply.

Also, theres a mode in the editor called Snap-puzzles or something like that, and its basically a whole heap of little mini pre-made maps that will have set victory conditions you need to meet and you only have a limited pallete of items you can place/modify to make the map play out in a way that will satisfy the victory condition. Its basically The Incredible Machine but with demons, its f*****g fun, it could almost be a game in its own right. Well, I found it fun anyway :p
Posted 04:42pm 20/5/16
Mario Maker did something similar Khel where you had to do a certain about of hours into the game before items were unlocked for use, I think the developers tried to do something similar but botched it by doing a currency system.
Posted 05:01pm 20/5/16
Its not *quite* as flexible as I hoped, I had an idea where I wanted to do a map where you play a demon and you're with a whole horde of AI demons and you're actually the wave of demons thats attacking the base and you gotta kill all the marines defending it and stuff. But it seems some things are hard coded, like you can't take a doom marine and make them an ai controlled enemy, its hard coded to be a player. And you can't take an imp or something and make it player controlled, you can only transform players into the demons they get from demon runes.

Still, I guess there had to be limits to stop it from being completely overwhelming. Its still pretty powerful with what you can do.
Posted 10:49pm 21/5/16
Thought I would give MP another go see if it had changed since the Beta and it was a bit better played 10 map rotations and was enjoying it until some asshat hacker showed up ( maxed out level 50 ) and was teleporting all over the map killing everyone on the opposition without them even seeing him was 28 kills 0 deaths before I pulled the plug.

I hope all hackers die in a fire ( slowly ) why cant we stop these a*******.
Posted 11:12pm 09/6/16
I asked Marty Stratton, Doom's executive producer and game director about what the future holds, and he was quick to put concerns at rest. "There's certainly no lack of commitment to Doom as a multiplayer game on our side," he says. "We are already working on private matches with custom game settings and expect to include that in a free update this summer."

id takes back control of Doom's broken multiplayer on PC

These certainly address the principal concerns of Doom's players, though the cheating situation is less clear. Stratton says that id is actively punishing and banning known cheaters, but won't go into detail for fear it might undermine his team's efforts. "We are continuing to look at ways to improve our capabilities. We understand the frustration."
Posted 12:13am 10/6/16
I just spotted that article on steam after jumping out of a single player game. I'm kinda hoping announce co-op at E3 but not holding my breath, it would be super fun though. I know they said early on, no co-op but that could always change.

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Posted 08:56am 10/6/16
DOOM and DOOM 2 Coop was so much fun playing Nightmare with 4 players
Posted 10:40am 10/6/16
These certainly address the principal concerns of Doom's players

Not really, the principal concerns are that the multiplayer is s*** and doesn't feel like Doom at all.

Its a fantastic single player game, but the multiplayer may as well not even exist. Especially with Overwatch out now, I can't imagine a scenario where I could ever feel motivated to load up Doom multiplayer ever again.
Posted 10:41am 10/6/16
Wrong A company, its Amazon that owns Twitch
Posted 04:48pm 10/6/16
I hope ID can give us player movement like Q3 that would make the game much more fun, bring it on I say but how much can they improve that pile of dog s*** without having to re do the entire Multiplayer game ?
Posted 05:04pm 23/6/16
Will there be an AusGamers review of Doom?
Posted 07:12pm 23/6/16
interesting: doom has a new copy protection process that crackers havent been able to crack. (yet)

mite revolutionise pc gaming.
Posted 07:14pm 23/6/16
Pretty much all games do this year, be interesting to see if pc sales numbers have changed much.
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