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Post by KostaAndreadis @ 02:52pm 11/05/16 | 12 Comments
As part of a financial rundown of the state of EA that included figures like 14 million copies of Star Wars Battlefront were shipped to retailers and that there were 9.4 million unique Battlefield players (across all titles) last quarter, a few release windows were given on key upcoming titles. Including a few surprises, like a sequel to Star Wars Battlefront due for release in 2017.

EA CFO Blake Jorgensen noted in his update to investors,
"We'll most likely have at least one Star Wars title a year over the next three or four years. Next year we will see Star Wars Battlefront back with bigger and better worlds because we now have the new movies to work off of, not just the historical movies that we used before."

Which is a strange way to describe Star Wars Battlefront. As the CFO he may not be the best person to provide details on the ins and outs of the game, as Star Wars Episode VII's Jakku featured prominently in last year's game. So the issue isn't a lack of places to visit. You'd have to assume that based on feedback DICE would be looking at including some sort of narrative or co-op content this time around. And perhaps a few iconic ships sitting in a hangar that you could jump into instead of picking up a glowing power-up icon and then mysteriously being transported into the sky.

In other Star Wars game news from EA, it looks like the Battlefront sequel will mark an annual cycle for new Star Wars games including both Uncharted creator Amy Hennig and Visceral's effort and the recently announced title from Respawn.

In other sci-fi news, Titanfall 2 is still on track for release later this year and both EA and BioWare have confirmed that Mass Effect Andromeda is due for release early 2017. Which means that it will feature prominently as part of EA's E3 showcase next month, which we can't wait to see. According to early reports the new Mass Effect is set to offer up more exploration than any other title in the series.

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Latest Comments
Posted 05:07pm 11/5/16
So HALF of the unique user base bought a second copy of the same game for themselves? WTF is happening in this world.
The Nerfatar
Posted 05:29pm 11/5/16
2017 is only 7 months away, from the sounds of things they haven't even finished the current one.
Posted 05:44pm 11/5/16
uglyduckling. Not sure what you mean when you say half of the unique user base etc?
Posted 07:04pm 11/5/16
The's a DLC slated for 2017 for the current one - WTF
Posted 07:05pm 11/5/16
The unique players bit was for Battlefield
Posted 07:14pm 11/5/16
Yeh odd announcement considering SWBF still has DLC to release, that EA slugged customers hard for dollar wise. Then they announce BF1 with one pre order bundle over 200 bux, then they start spruiking a new SWBF which, no doubt, will have the same bulls*** season pass pricing structure.
Posted 08:50pm 11/5/16
I'd rather buy the new COD than another EA game. Fortunately for me I'm only buying one game this year - Doom. that is all.
Posted 09:18pm 11/5/16
That doesn't sound fortunate at all
Posted 09:31pm 11/5/16
Can't say I'm too excited to buy another Battlefront.
Posted 08:20am 12/5/16
Bladerunner's guide on how to make Battlefront.

Step 1 - Look at current Battlefront

Step 2 - Don't do that.

Step 3 - Grab Battlefield 4.

Step 4 - Remove Battlefield 4 elements and replace with Star Wars elements.

Step 5- ???

Step 6 - Profit.
Posted 11:30am 12/5/16
WOW now EADice are s***ting out Starwars games and content like the recent BF games.... TBH I would stay clear of this game.

DICE are trash.
Posted 01:39pm 12/5/16
Once you got over how good it looked and sounded it was pretty bland
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