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Post by KostaAndreadis @ 03:11pm 10/05/16 | 3 Comments
We take Gearbox's latest offering Battleborn for a spin. A mix of traditional shooter, loot and cosmetic based progression, co-operative action game, story-based animated thing, and MOBA-ish hero and competitive design. Yep, Battleborn is a game as hard to pin down as it is bright and colourful. And thankfully it's that aspect -- the vibrant, colourful, and memorable heroes you get to play, that stand out.

So what’s Battleborn? Well, that’s a good question. For one it’s a co-operative character-based shooter, one where the different heroes on offer take on class roles like tank, medic, sniper, support, or assault. Albeit one where a mechanical robot butler that wears a monocle doubles as both a sniper and recon unit by sending out a mechanical owl to scout an area. Plus, he can spawn a giant time bubble that slows anyone caught within its giant bubble-ness. With 25 heroes to choose from, ranging from elves to sentient fungi, the different ways to play the game can be a little overwhelming. But thanks to the inventive abilities they share, it never feels boring.

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Posted 03:23pm 10/5/16
Okay so a quick bit about why there isn't a comparison to Overwatch in the review. Timing-wise both games are out this month but apart from playing as different heroes with abilities the games are very different. Overwatch is strictly a multiplayer game that's essentially Blizzard's take on Team Fortress. And a fantastic one at that.

Battleborn, with it's campaign and in-game progression make it a different beast. You face of against AI more than anything else, and matches involve a mix of strategies, collecting shards to buy stuff, and generally never really jumping into battle against other players as a priority. Comparisons to MOBAs are valid, but the feel of the game make it its own thing. Team Fortress it most certainly ain't.
Posted 05:56pm 10/5/16
I feel like you could have left out that comment RE: comparison to Overwatch.

At this point, anyone who still asks that deserves to be ridiculed extensively.
Posted 09:29am 12/5/16
The alpha and beta were abhorrent and the worst thing I've ever played. It was really hard to call this a AAA game, and especially from Gearbox. S*** was just everywhere on the screen, nothing made sense, everything was just in your face and it felt like a game with multiple "genres" glued together. Nothing at all felt cohesive and I doubt that has changed in the final game when it is the "core" aspect of the game.

A piece of hot trash that'll be a bargain bin buy or when it inevitably goes free-to-play. Hell its already dropping numbers on PC and console numbers aren't healthy either.
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