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Post by KostaAndreadis @ 01:24pm 09/05/16 | 6 Comments
Which means that the open beta for Overwatch will now conclude on Wednesday, May 11 at 3:00 a.m. (AEST). Which gives you another day or so to continue playing, or finally check out the new multiplayer shooter from Blizzard that everyone's talking about. After concluding on Wednesday the game will simply disappear. Well, not really. It'll be back in couple of weeks, when the full game launches on May 24.

It's no surprise that the open beta for Overwatch has been a huge hit. Most social media channels have been on a bit of an Overwatch kick as of late, and according to Blizzard, millions of players have logged into the beta across the PC, PS4, and Xbox One versions. From the stylish visuals to the solid mechanics and varied heroes, Blizzard's take on the Team Fortress 2-style competitive shooter is a solid and fun experience, and one that people can't get enough of.

But, it should be noted that the version we see today is what will be available at launch. Which means, basically just a play now feature that will throw you into the current map rotation. The game's competitive mode, which was previously detailed and available in the closed beta, is now slated for release after launch with Blizzard also hinting that the team is working on "A TON of post-launch features and content."

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Posted 03:32pm 09/5/16
yay! i am playing alot of this!
Posted 11:30am 12/5/16
Game of the year *hands down*
Posted 04:35pm 12/5/16
ok so when i pre-ordered from EB and didn't get a beta code, should i be surprised?
Posted 04:48pm 12/5/16
You had to pre-order before April 29th to get a beta code, but the beta is over now anyway. The codes were only for early access to the beta anyway, it was open to everyone from May 5th to 10th

I pre-ordered from EB and they emailed me codes, so you should have got them
Posted 10:00pm 12/5/16
oh right. well i pre-ordered it @ retail because of the figurine. beta was just a good peek i guess. have never really cared much about all the collecty toy stuff but the Winston figurine look's cool. the Tracer one would be better

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Posted 03:00am 13/5/16
some funnies on imgur

also Scully makes an interesting argument

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