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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 06:37am 07/05/16 | 21 Comments
AusGamers was out at the official Battlefield 5 1 reveal event where we were not only show that trailer, but were also privy to a more lengthy behind-the-scenes look at the game's beginnings, what's on offer (specifically from a multiplayer perspective) and more.

From our initial preview:
Character classes return in familiar form: Assault, Medic, Support and Scout are all in tow, but you’ll also have varying vehicle classes across the myriad vehicles available. Heavy and light tanks, armoured trucks, cavalry, biplanes, triplanes, scout planes and bombers. You can even get yourself on board a battleship sitting out in the ocean and literally barrage the enemy, creating chokepoints or stopping them from achieving objectives. Land, air and sea are huge emphasises for the sandbox gameplay Battlefield multiplayer is renowned for, and there’s an even larger focus on team play with structured rewards, apparently (not a lot of detail was gone into here). 64 player multiplayer is just the tip of the iceberg, and we were told that the environments would be more destructible and that you would have a more physical presence within them; a more personal experience. If it looks and feels like you can go there, or open that door, chances are you can.
Click here for our initial Battlefield 1 preview.

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Latest Comments
Posted 07:05am 07/5/16
Looks great.

I prefer older BF games. Very happy this is WW 1.

Expect a lot of the old 1942 / BFV players to make a return eh

Usually find the planes etc arnt as manoeuvrable back then, which actually makes them harder to fly & decent pilots doing huge damage.

Hopefully its not too gimped down for consol :/

Look forward to playing this on PC!
Posted 07:57am 07/5/16
I'm f*****g hyped. But it definitely seems like it's a fictional variant of World War One though right? It will have to be, or else one person will get to use the flamethrower but one other sucker will have to walk behind him carrying the gas tank. And everyone's like 'World War 1 wasn't just trench warfare' but nobody's saying it was, just that it was primarily sitting in a mudhole playing a constant game of heads or tails, where heads means your foot rots off and tails means mustard gas where even if you get your gas mask on in time your skin will slough off in large yellow blisters.

I'm rock hard though. In my mind grapes I know they won't make it a hard-out World War 1 affair.
Posted 08:20am 07/5/16
Yes, Yes, F*** Yes!
Posted 09:49am 07/5/16
I got a 404 error in origin when I went to find out more.

Posted 10:55am 07/5/16
As usual this LOOKS amazing, but will it end up as a total EA cluster f*** of BF series proportions?
I hope not.
Honestly, even the video looks like they going with a super faced paced, high action WWI experience a la COD:The Great War.

That simply wasn't what WWI was about. And good luck balancing some cheese gamer mounting an MG inside a trench and just camping out a position like so many maps from BF3/4, lockers 24/7 servers anyone?
Posted 11:00am 07/5/16
looks f*****g amazing
Posted 11:46am 07/5/16
Biplanes! Zeppelins! Meleeing people with shovels! You had my curiosity, now you have my attention
Posted 12:10pm 07/5/16
F*** yeah. S**** all over the COD trailer. Hype train.
Some Fat Bastard
Posted 12:55pm 07/5/16
Nah, I love it. A more intense infantry fighting experience with overhead gymnastics by aces in their flying machines. Sounds awesome.

I want to man an artillery piece and blow the crap out people in trenches and running across open ground. Imagine the amount of mud and shrapnel thrown around during explosions in some of the western front maps.
Posted 06:43pm 07/5/16
What a difference using real history makes...
Posted 07:16pm 07/5/16
I was not expecting to see a Battlefield trailer that actually got me somewhat excited. Colour me intrigued.
Posted 01:23am 08/5/16
Dust off the ol' Sopwith Camel...bring it on!. Looks really great. Air battles, sea battles, close combat trench warfare. No lock on, fire and forget, no f*****g wall running park-our crap...just a players skill and their weapons limitations.

Only problem I have is...

Press 'E'
to enter horse.


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Posted 11:24pm 09/5/16
so will be ruined like battlefront was? will wait till 1.1. before deciding
Posted 06:22am 10/5/16
I was a bit salty at this announcement. I was really hoping for Battlefield 1944 or 2143. I mean, they put a prototype Titan (looking like it was being built) in one of the BF4 maps, I thought that was a hint at the future. I have become less salty now. It was probably just the shock that its WW1.

Gritty trench warfare does sound cool, plus in the trailer I saw mustard gas and the PC putting on a gas mask. I imagine that is in single player though. But I reckon that there would be mustard gas in multiplayer too. Could be used as "area denial". I just wonder how weapons and unlocks work. Will there be any upgrades/unlocks for weapons at all? I need to know these things. I wonder if there will be an open beta like there was for 3 and 4.
Posted 08:46am 10/5/16
Only problem I have is... Press 'E' to enter horse

Jim and Obes will of course be downloading a mod to change the horse model to that of a goat.
Steve Farrelly
Posted 11:49am 10/5/16
BladeRunner, there will be an open beta later in the year. I'm heading to E3 this year, so if you guys have specific questions, hit me up because I'll be getting more interviews and hands-on
Posted 03:27pm 10/5/16
BladeRunner, there will be an open beta later in the year. I'm heading to E3 this year, so if you guys have specific questions, hit me up because I'll be getting more interviews and hands-on

I'm interested to know how they have changed melee combat and how it will work. Because from what we've seen and heard apparently its going to play a big part.
Posted 10:47pm 10/5/16
BladeRunner, there will be an open beta later in the year. I'm heading to E3 this year, so if you guys have specific questions, hit me up because I'll be getting more interviews and hands-on

Well if they don't release info before before you get there.

Will weapons have unlocks (sights, camo, etc)?

What weapons types will there be? and how many individual weapons will there be?

How many maps will there be on release?

Will the DLC structure be like Battlefield 4? (as in releasing DLC every few months) And how many are planned?

With the Deluxe (fancy edition) of the game, Why did you go with a statue of a person and not a MK4 or 5 tank instead? It would be more awesome.

Where is my Battlefield 1944 and 2143?

What gadgets and things can we expect? (gas mask and mines?)

Why does EA hate steam?
Posted 05:37am 11/5/16
Tell us about the destruction in this game - how does it compare to BC2 and BF3/4?
Posted 11:25am 11/5/16
gadgets and things?
what i loved about 1942 was you only had a few weapons + vehicles, so you had to use more skill. keep your filthy gadgets away from this game :p
Posted 11:50am 11/5/16
a few youtubers have already played the game and they've said it's almost on par with BC2 when it comes to destructibility. i think one even mentioned you can deform the ground.
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