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Post by KostaAndreadis @ 03:34pm 03/05/16 | 21 Comments
From May 5-9 on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. And for those that pre-ordered their copy access begins today. As in right now! The open beta includes all heroes, maps, modes and features that will be available at launch so it's a great way to check out the game.

If you need more of an incentive to hop in, check out this recruitment video from Winston.

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Posted 09:39am 06/5/16
Did this the other night, heroic Reinhardt moment. Its like the Overwatch equivalent of diving on a grenade

Posted 03:10pm 06/5/16
hahah nice work khel!

add me guyz!
Posted 06:36pm 06/5/16
it's not bad

any clue's on how they magiced to do Tracer's rewind skill? I Google'd quantum computing networking transforms but it came up with a stack of other info, most of which was interesting too
Posted 12:39am 07/5/16
I think most people here would already have me on battlenet, but if not, Khel#1892
Posted 03:09pm 07/5/16
Is this really just TF2 by Blizzard ?
Posted 05:20pm 07/5/16
Not really, its inspired by a lot of old shooters, but quake and the original team fortress were the initial inspirations for it. It's kind of got that faster, run and gun arena shooter feel to it but it's not an arena shooter, its team based objective driven gameplay. And instead of classes, it borrows a page from the moba book and has 21 different heroes with different abilities and ultimate.
Posted 06:04pm 07/5/16
And instead of classes, it borrows a page from the moba book and has 21 different heroes with different abilities and ultimate.

they are split into classes though...
Posted 07:24pm 07/5/16
Hahaha, that was awesome Khel.

Yeah, it certainly sits in the same category as TF2, but it's far from a TF2 reskin. Not only does it have a ton of different characters, but they're all incredibly different from one another. Not just with their weapons and abilities, but even their level traversal varies. It would have been a nightmare to balance.

But, even though I'm enjoying it a lot more than I expected (which is a huge thing, considering I've had pretty much zero interest in competitive multiplayer for years now), I can't justify AUD $89.95 on it. That's just insane. If it were around $50, and all of my work mates were going to get it to play at lunch, then maybe, but $90 is just crazy.

they are split into classes though...

They're organised into categories on the character select screen, but that's not the same as classes. Like, there's no way you'd say Widowmaker and Bastion are even remotely similar.

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Posted 08:04pm 07/5/16
And instead of classes, it borrows a page from the moba book and has 21 different heroes with different abilities and ultimate.

eh maybe role is a better term then.
Posted 08:22pm 07/5/16
Yeah, it's a steep price :(

I think there's a $70 version without the skins and stuff? But even that feels like it's still out of the comfort zone. I think $50 or so would be the point where people would take a chance on it and maybe impulse buy it, but $70 or $90 is a dedicated purchase that is going to leave people behind.

It's $40 and $60 in the US which seems like a better price point.

I'm still getting it, partly I guess cos of rabid Blizzard fanboy ism and I want the collectors edition, but I think I'll get my moneys worth out of it, and they've pledged pretty strong post release support for it (new characters and maps and game modes are all going to be free).

But yeah, price is definitely a sticking point for a lot of people, open beta forums seem to mostly contain threads about nerfing bastion, or the game costing too much.
Posted 09:11pm 07/5/16
yeah they should move bastion to the tank class and tweak down the dps about 10% or 15% because if you know the map you can just plop into turret and waste almost everything that comes at you and then self repair up (so it's an assault/healer double class) and then siege mode is just slaw time

any faves characters? pretty much Tracer for quicking and being an effective pest, Winston for tanking and Pharah for the rocketboom here

its nice how it feels like TF2 but plays much quicker

Posted 12:10am 08/5/16
Bastion is fine as he is, the only reason it feels like you can own people at the moment is because hes a noob grinder. Once people know how to counter him, he actually becomes pretty ineffective. In closed beta it had reached the point where very few people even bothered ever using Bastion because he was so easily countered.

A genji can reflect his bullets and kill him with his own spray, tracer can get behind him and nail him in his weak spot, reaper can wraith walk through his bullets and do the same, pharrah can rain rockets down on him from above, junkrat can lob grenades down on him without needing to get line of sight, can eat all his bullets with defense matrix while someone else takes him out, rheinhardt can charge him down, roadhog can hook him and own him. The best bastions I see played aren't the ones that just set up in a place and try and mow people down, they're constantly switching between forms and only setting up as a turret for brief moments, killing someone, then packing up and moving somewhere else.

It can feel unbalanced if you single one character out, cos its not meant to be balanced 1v1 where everything is good against everything else. Every character is strong against some others, and weak against some others, its balanced in the way that every strength a particular hero has, is balanced by a weakness that another hero can exploit. Thats why you can change hero at any time when you're in the spawn area, its all about the counter-picking!
Posted 08:46am 08/5/16
Yeah, Bastion's annoying at the moment, but I put that down to people having to just learn the game. People's first reaction is always that it mustn't be balanced. Of course, that's sometimes true, but there's always more to consider than that.

I saw that Ozgameshop is selling the key for AUD $65, and that's for the fancy Origins edition or whatever. Still a bit steep, but that's a load better than AUD $90.
Posted 05:24pm 08/5/16
Its funny to read the forums, cos there will be threads complaining that characters like or Genji are OP and need to be nerfed, sitting right next to threads complaining that or Genji are too weak and need buffs. Its just a case of

"Nerf scissors, rock is fine as it is" - Paper
Posted 07:57pm 08/5/16
I had a moment of weakness and bought it from Ozgameshop. $65 still seems a bit steep, but it gets props for being the first competitive multiplayer game in years to grab my attention.

I just bought the digital key, so hopefully they'll send it out in time for the launch.
Posted 09:12am 09/5/16
what's the dif between the beta and the full version?
Posted 10:04am 09/5/16
Nothing essentially, the beta is the whole game. There'll probably be some tweaks and be fixes between end of beta and release, but that's about it.

There was a ranked/competitive mode as well during closed beta, but they've taken it out for now to rework it and make it better, so the new version of that is due to come out shortly after release.
Posted 12:11pm 09/5/16
woot really?

I'm surprised about the lack of complaints about that..*shrug*
Posted 03:47pm 09/5/16
62.60 AUD, cheapest I can find it without going to some dodgy sites.
Posted 04:06pm 09/5/16
What time does the beta end? I haven't bothered to try it during closed beta but for some reason I am keen now.
Posted 04:10pm 09/5/16
Wednesday, May 11 at 3:00 a.m. (AEST)

according to the news post
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