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Post by KostaAndreadis @ 01:35pm 22/04/16 | 5 Comments
Mirror's Edge Catalyst, which according to my cats-as-historical-wartime-figures calendar was due for release late May. Well, not so anymore with the release date pushed back a few weeks until June 9 (June 7 for North America). In cat calendar terms that moves it from the tail-end (no pun intended) of kitten Julius Caeser, to the beginnings of Siamese Mao Zedong's rein of cuteness. Anyway, the reasons for the delay are due to the social play features of the game.

Stuff that will allow players to create their own time trails on the rooftops of Glass (which is the name given to the sprawling metropolis featured in the game), as well as the ability to leave hard to get to collectibles for friends to discover in their own versions of the city.

Here's a video covering some of the Social Play features coming to the game.

mirror's edgedelayedsocialvideo

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Posted 05:00pm 22/4/16
gotta have Faith
Posted 03:39pm 23/4/16
some quick beta notes before doing what i should be doing

- the movement system is almost completely remade and polished since the first Mirror's Edge everyone loved in 2009
- Faith's runner character is now an in-game npc, not just some guy in an artful cutscene, kind of like a personal guide keeping you 10 steps ahead of the authority
- there seem's to be classic hci product promotion, Microsoft Band anyone?
- it's awesome.

Posted 04:50pm 23/4/16
loving what i've played in the beta so far.
Posted 09:34pm 23/4/16
So, I could never really get into the original Mirrors Edge, it never really grabbed me and felt a little silly to me. Is this one an attempt to broaden it up a bit and get people who maybe weren't into the first one so much into it? Or is it really a game aimed at the people who are fans of Mirror's Edge already?
Posted 10:52pm 23/4/16
i don't know if it's 'aimed' at anyone in particular? other than for gamer's to choose from

it seem's to me like, if you want to justify buying something that's completely unnecessary but is a hobby then you're going to find a way to do it, right?

it's like VR.... or this gaming entertainment thing just in general

maybe it's even like having the choice of which toilet paper you like better because one feels better than the other? :sorry bad tangent:

Khel you ask some useless hair splitting questions that leave it open for this kind of reply sometimes
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