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Post by KostaAndreadis @ 03:21pm 19/04/16 | 13 Comments
The latest update for The Division saw the introduction of a new high level end game mode called Incursions, with the first of many, Falcon Lost, introduced in the latest patch. Coupled with the introduction of set items and a gear score to determine an item's worth, the stage was set for players to take this all new challenging mode head on for a weekly reward of the shiny-and-bright loot variety. One that over time would boost their player's stats, paving the way for the next update, Incursion, or what have you. Well, that was the plan. Until it was exploited.

The first Incursion introduced to The Division in the free 1.1 update, called Falcon Lost, is for lack of a better word, a horde mode. And an epic one at that. Taking place in a large warehouse filled with countless enemies and a large armored vehicle, the goal is to survive 15 increasingly hectic waves, and at regular intervals slowly chip away at the armored vehicle which, when destroyed, triggers the end of the mission. And the receiving of high-level loot.

As someone who completed Falcon Lost on hard (the easiest of the two versions) this is no easy feat, and calling it hectic is probably an understatement. It leans on the side of punishing, almost to a fault. You could even use Falcon Lost as an example to point out some of the overall faults in end game Division content as a whole. Enemy grenadiers that never run out of grenades and constantly throw them, shotgun dudes that can take you down in two hits, snipers that never miss, and so forth.

Which is what Division-ites would probably be discussing, if someone didn't figure out a way to easily exploit Falcon Lost in order to get a seemingly never ending stream of high end gear. Stuff that was supposed to take weeks of steady play to obtain. The glitch, or exploit, was laughable in its execution. Essentially you used mobile cover to magically transport through a brick wall, bypassing some trigger, allowing a group to slowly take out the armored vehicle with sticky bombs.

So instead of playing the mode, people did this. On challenging too, netting themselves the highest level gear possible. And like the saying goes, "wash, rinse, repeat." It took Ubisoft and Massive a few days to fix this exploit, where in turn players found another exploit. Albeit, a pretty creative one.

At this point the game now seems to be Ubisoft playing catch-up with exploits, something that has plagued the game since day one. But at least back then it was more innocent, players simply using enemy re-spawn glitches to farm materials. Now, with high level gear The Division has been divided into the haves and the have nots, those that exploited and those that haven't.

In a step to address this ongoing issue Ubisoft has taken to the game's forum to post the following,

We are working on fixing the exploit. Obviously it is against our Code of Conduct and the team is looking into what can be done in terms of punishment for those who have exploited.

Exactly how punishment would work is anyone's guess. But the fact remains that Falcon Lost probably signals the point where Ubisoft lost control over The Division. Here's hoping they can regain control.

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Latest Comments
Posted 05:18pm 19/4/16
Haha, that second one is crazy, how do people even find that
Posted 07:05pm 19/4/16
I gave this game up after the introduction of gearscore, I keep getting kicked from groups because I'm only 140.
Posted 10:13pm 19/4/16
Yeah, for developers making what is essentially an mmo (at endgame anyway), they don't seem to know much about past mmo's and what did and didn't work.
Posted 12:08pm 20/4/16
man this game is a worse grind than WoW
Posted 01:25pm 20/4/16
it was termed the best on /r/games. this game is a bullet sponge and it gets real tired. battling elite enemies that take 20 clips to kill is boring, no other way to put it.
Posted 01:32pm 20/4/16
It might be ok if the fights were more varied, I mean in MMO the bosses have tonnes of health and take a while to kill too, but the fights are far more varied mechanically. They progress through different phases and theres different abilities you need to deal with in different ways, you might need to co-ordinate with your team to be in specific places at the right time, or to group up to share damage from an attack or spread out to minimise damage from a chained ability. There might be adds that get summoned that you have to deal with in a specific way, like not just kill them but kill them at a particular time, or they might drop something you need to pick up and then use against the boss to counter a different ability, etc. Or there might be environmental stuff you have to deal with and avoid.

In the division the boss is just thing with s***loads of health and you shoot at it and it shoots at you till someone dies.
Posted 04:01pm 20/4/16
Why even bother spending that much time exploiting? That second video was just insanely boring and it boggles my mind to think people actually want to do that.
Posted 05:28pm 20/4/16
Why can't they develop some sort of decent PvP system then there is a reason to get better loot.
Posted 06:12pm 20/4/16
Ubisoft, doing what they do best: screw things up.
Posted 04:03pm 21/4/16

Ubisoft, doing what they do best: screw things up.

on a game by game basis they have tended to do that huh?

the funniest was TrialsHD > Trials Fusion
Posted 03:15pm 25/4/16
Hit max level and I'm rapidly getting sick of the game, the Dark Zone is a broken heap of s***. Can't do anything in there because theres just higher level/higher geared people who lurk around the extraction zones waiting to gank anyone who tries to get gear. And if they aren't flagged as a rogue you can't do anything to stop it, except wait for them to kill you. Which reduces the Dark Zone to what, killing mobs for dark zone rank and credits and grinding it out till you can afford to buy gear from the vendors? And just ignoring all the loot that drops? Yay, fun
Posted 03:19pm 25/4/16
for me the possible end game is the higher end loot to access incursions, and some sort of team-based pvp which worked well in GuildWars2.
Posted 07:40pm 25/4/16
The hacks are real in DZ.
Insta porting around the map, shooting people from under the world. Killing people in safe houses.

i.m.o Once an account has been identified as cheating. Put them into the cheats version of the game. Where all they play is other cheats.

At the moment, the gearing system is intensely broken.

There some distinct break points.

Weapon level matters a lot. getting a 204 weapon is not that easy. Getting a good one is stupidly hard.
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