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Post by KostaAndreadis @ 03:53pm 18/04/16 | 4 Comments
And its being built exclusively for the HTC Vive, taking full advantage of the motion tracking capabilities of the Virtual Reality platform. The game which puts players in the role of a commander as they try to defend their position from waves of enemy troops will feature both the ability to build-up defenses as well as let players take direct control over soldiers, to fight off incoming attacks.

Available now on Steam Early Access, Out of Ammo comes from DayZ creator's new studio RocketWerk.

Out of Ammo has been designed exclusively around the HTC Vive. Possessing your units allows you to utilize the full capability and power of the positional tracking; take cover behind sandbags, lean over a tower railing, or duck behind your sandbags and grab a grenade to throw as a last resort! Full physics applied to game objects further enhances your experience allowing you to position your magazines in the space around you ready for when you need to reload.

Here's a trailer of Out of Ammo in action.

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Posted 04:13pm 18/4/16
So are they going to finish this game or will it just be a broken mess that never delivers after 3 years as well?
Posted 06:25pm 18/4/16
Yeah, probably the last guy I'd ever give any money to for an early access title
Posted 08:53pm 18/4/16
It'll be huge popular then he'll leave the studio after being early access forever.
Posted 07:41am 19/4/16
If DayZ remained as a mod it would still be going strong today.
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