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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 02:09pm 15/04/16 | 30 Comments
Bethesda has dropped some information regarding the multiplayer open beta for Doom which is now live and open for all.

Having dabbled a little in the closed beta, I can share that the game is very fast and free-flowing. It feels like Quake, which is a good thing, but I definitely needed to see more modes on display.
  • In DOOM, progression is achieved regardless of being on the winning team, half your experience comes from just showing up and making an effort.

  • Once you reach level 50 you reach your first ‘Echelon’. With 10 Echelon ranks and 50 levels per Echelon… that’s a lot of levels and customisation along the way.

  • Over 300 pieces of armour fall into 5 distinct themes. 90 primary and secondary paint colours and 50 patterns mean your marine is always killing in style.

  • For weapons, there are 96 colours and 60 patterns to play with.

  • The feature details hack modules which are short consumable power-ups. Some of these include Infinite ammo, Blood Trail and Alarm.

  • You can also equip one of 7 special items per loadout, for example the Siphon grenade and Shield Wall.
  • Over 125 unique and flashy taunts so you can…express yourself.

  • DOOM is under development at id Software, the studio that pioneered the first-person shooter genre and invented multiplayer Deathmatch. Relentless demons, impossibly destructive guns, and fast, fluid movement provide the foundation for intense, first-person combat – whether you’re obliterating demon hordes through the depths of Hell in the single-player campaign, or competing against your friends in numerous multiplayer modes. Expand your gameplay experience using DOOM SnapMap game editor to easily create, play, and share your content with the world.
    Do you plan on jumping into the beta?

    Doom releases on May 13 worldwide for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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    Latest Comments
    Posted 06:15pm 15/4/16
    alright, so how is it?
    Posted 07:08pm 15/4/16
    The download is 10GB, I'll let you know when I find out.

    I only have a 1GB graphics card though, the minimum spec for the beta is 2GB. So it may not work for me.
    Posted 07:18pm 15/4/16
    Finally got to play a game after the madness of not being able to install due to "Family Sharing" being enabled in steam. It feels really slow and seriously whos decision was it to have 2 weapons :/.

    I'll give it more of a bash tonight after dinner but initial impression is disappointment.
    Posted 09:39pm 15/4/16
    High ping and low FPS made it a bit difficult for me, but I had a few games of each mode.

    It is really dumbed down with the load outs, but there is still some skill involved, like getting to know the maps and where everything spawns. Worth noting is that most Aussie Quake Live games at the moment are played in a similar way, in Clan Arena where you spawn with all of your weapons. That may have also influenced their decision to make the game this way.

    I think the real fun will come with the map editor and hopefully the possibility of modding the game so that it is more like the death match of old that we are familiar with. Even the Quake games had to go through the same process to become popular, with mods like OSP and CPMA.

    In its current state it is spammy and pretty boring really. Definitely aimed at the console crowd.
    Posted 10:50pm 15/4/16
    I don't think Quake live influenced it in any way, it's firmly aimed at the CoD and Halo crowds
    Posted 11:02pm 15/4/16
    Yeah, it's definately not meant to be Quake 5. They had so many opportunities to bring Quake Live to an eSports standard but were just lazy with it. As it stands QL has basically been handed over to the masses and it's the most fun it's been in a long time, but still... game's ded unfortunately. The QuakeCon duel brackets is full of a bunch of nobodys at the moment and it's only a few months away >:
    Posted 07:13am 16/4/16
    This is a terrible multiplayer and no where near what an old school rendition should be. I know Doom is now more single player focused but this atrocious serving of CoD multiplayer gives me no hope. That demon power up is pure horse s***.

    But hey, 10/10 right?
    Posted 07:32am 16/4/16
    I'm not a fan of the MP at all. The loadouts bug me, the rockets fire too slow, the maps are ugly, there's a one shot kill weapon which 100% has aim assist, Demon spawns are f*****g dumb, the lightning gun ticks way way way to slow, the doom marine looks more like master chief, numbers flying out of enemies is f*****g dumb, eh f*** the whole thing.
    Posted 07:52am 16/4/16
    It would be nice to try it on a server with sub 140ms latency. The loadout idea screws with the mechanics of the game: weapons like the rocket launcher are brought back to the same level as (or lower than) a shottie which just feels wrong.
    Posted 12:34pm 16/4/16
    Game is pretty flat in terms of action, movement speed is slow, always feel like I need to push my player a bit more. Rocket launcher is way too weak, super shotgun on the opposite side of being too powerful. I never use the rocket launcher because of it having no real impact, much better off with the shotty.

    They tried the load out in Quake Live, not one person liked it and they removed it to go back to normal. No idea why they continue with that in Doom.

    Finding it fairly easy at the moment. Probably due to a lot of people finding their feet in this type of game and not understanding the mechanics of the game in that its not COD.

    For whatever reason, my name doesn't change from Doom Marine, lol. I do enjoy the customization side of things with weapons, skins etc. Not sure about those ability bonuses when you respawn but I can understand that everyone needs a hand in new games these days. Gone are the days where it's just you and your skill vs everyone else.

    Game runs really well for me (i5, 2500k, gtx 970), I like how it looks as well, very nice atmosphere.

    Here's a montage someone put together.

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    Posted 01:06pm 16/4/16
    If I could describe this new Doom in one would it would have to be MEDIOCRE!
    Posted 03:53pm 16/4/16
    im hoping there is a game mode that has no loadouts and plays like the old doom.
    Posted 04:03pm 16/4/16
    I honestly uninstalled after one match on pc. Its probably a half decent game but i need more out of my shooters nowdays and this was VERY ordinary imo. Souls 3 and The Division are all Im playing atm and not much will pull me away.
    Posted 08:15pm 16/4/16
    I can see this backfiring massively for Bethesda and id. I wasn't really interested in the solo game anyway thanks to that stupid initial trailer showing bizarre melee kills but this has soured the puss even further. If this is all they have after rebooting it a few times then its clear id aren't who they use to be.
    Posted 11:40pm 16/4/16
    This game has the faults of the COD franchise stupid power up system and stupid matchmaker system haven't had a game with under 100 ping yet, sorry Bethesda I think you have produced a giant turd, net code feels horrible like running in treacle ( not that I have ever run in treacle ) got a decent rig and good vid card and people were teleporting all over the place , my biggest gripe is WTF have they done to the weapons FFS the lg is a f***en joke.

    Rant finished
    Posted 03:01am 17/4/16
    yeah feels like its been "COD'ed
    Posted 03:27am 17/4/16
    its clear id aren't who they use to be.

    Is anyone even left there from the id days when they made Doom and Quake? I think Tim Willits might still be there? I think pretty much everyone else is gone though
    Posted 05:04pm 17/4/16
    It's a shame they get to butcher the IP if none of the original peeps are there.

    Though, maybe this is a reimagining of it for a new generation and we're just the cantankerous oldies!?
    Posted 05:17pm 17/4/16
    another classic ruined imo...

    Want decent MP get your hands on Overwatch :)
    Posted 05:30pm 17/4/16
    Or just play the new Unreal Tournament. An actual decent multiplayer arena game that isn't butchering the long-standing IP and its fanbase.
    Posted 11:56pm 18/4/16
    Well with UT, Epic are smart enough to work with the community to build it, where ID are keeping things closed to the point of not allowing mods. Snapmap looks pretty cool but nothing more than the functionality of mario maker from what I can tell. They seem to be banking on DLC packs to keep the thing alive but look how well that turned out for Battlefront. I am looking forward to playing the single player campaign, I can't see myself at this stage playing it much beyond that but I do hope I'm wrong.
    Posted 12:39pm 21/4/16
    This says it all

    Posted 02:34pm 21/4/16
    DOOM is a lot of fun if you keep an open mind and play it for what it is.

    You know I've played Quake for over 17 years so I'm not saying that like I don't agree with a lot of the criticism. I'm just taking it for what it is ... and it's fun.

    Too many emotional responses about new things. I did the same when Quake 3 came out. I thought it sucked. Now I think it's the best. Funny how that works!
    Posted 03:23pm 21/4/16
    I think it wouldn't be getting so much negative press if it wasn't billing itself as 'Doom', if it was just launched as some new IP, would probably be a relatively popular competitor to Halo and CoD. But as a take on Doom, its s***
    Posted 08:42pm 21/4/16
    It just looks so forgettable :(
    Posted 09:09pm 21/4/16
    meh getting The Revenant powerup and blasting doomed space marines is the fun

    other than that it's another megatexture hog like Rage & Wolf was

    there's also this although not sure how fair that is on a guy of his experience
    Posted 09:09am 23/4/16
    moar s***ting on

    Posted 12:16am 24/4/16
    Are there any videos that have a positive outlook? I feel like I'm only seeing these kind of ones which basically just s*** on it for all the reasons I probably would if I played it, but I'd be interested to see if someone has a positive take on it. I don't know how to youtube.
    Posted 08:24am 24/4/16
    None that I've seen.
    Posted 09:43am 24/4/16
    I hope they release the first episode as Shareware.
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