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Another month, another batch of free games to play. And with titles like Sunset Overdrive and the original Dead Space up for grabs, April will certainly be a big one for Xbox Live Gold subscribers. April will also be the first time that Gold members will be able access their free Xbox One and backwards compatible Xbox 360 titles from their Xbox Ones. Which is certainly handy. On the PlayStation front things are also looking pretty tasty with Dead Star, a new shoot-em-up from Armature Studio, which was founded by key members of the Metroid Prime team.

Here be the full line-up of free titles on offer for PlayStation Plus members in April. And a trailer for the PS4 offerings which includes Zombi, the Wii U launch title from Ubisoft that has been ported to other current-gen consoles without the second screen elements.

  • A Virus Named Tom (PS Vita)
  • Dead Star (PS4)
  • I Am Alive (PS3)
  • Savage Moon (PS3)
  • Shutshimi (PS Vita)
  • Zombi (PS4)

And here be the Xbox offerings, and a trailer featuring an overly excited Major Nelson.

  • A Wolf Among Us (Xbox One) - April 1-30
  • Sunset Overdrive (Xbox One) - April 16 - May 15
  • Dead Space (Xbox 360) - April 1 - 15
  • Saints Row IV(Xbox 360) - April 16 - 30

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Steve Farrelly
Posted 12:02pm 01/4/16
Heh, they can't even give Sunset Overdrive away. Oh wait
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