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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 05:15pm 30/03/16 | 5 Comments
Don't be fooled, it's not a newly announced Far Cry game, it's just another look at where the series could go next given a): they ignored our Australia pitch and, b): after having gone so far into the past with Far Cry Primal, surely it's the next logical step.

So we explore what it would take, while also picking at a few things the series does need to address. At value, the pitch after the link could be a standalone type of game, but under the Far Cry banner, it just makes more sense.

Here's a snippet:
No one really ever liked Jason Brody or Ajay Ghale. Their fish-out-of-water stories where they managed to single-handedly take down oppressive regimes because the locals couldn’t, consistently rubbed players the wrong way. It’s why Primal’s Takkar has so evenly been embraced, because he’s one with the game-world, and his plight for that reason is a much easier foundation to bite into. But in a space-based Far Cry, where you play as a human -- maybe the only human -- the fish-out-of-water story becomes relatable, and every player would be able to suspend themselves as the player-character.

You could go about this in numerous ways, too. Alien abduction would be the obvious starting point and would allow the character to be of modern-day origin, but you could also go that future route I mentioned before where maybe a scientist has built a portal device, or an astronaut has been sucked through a wormhole. It could be Matt Damon not getting home from Mars; rather, he finds ancient ruins from an alien species where he’s teleported to their galaxy -- it might be the first plight he finds himself in where no one can come to save him. But I digress.
Click here for the full exploration of a space Far Cry.

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Latest Comments
Posted 10:14pm 30/3/16
I would love a space Far Cry, fo sho!
Posted 09:51am 31/3/16
So they copied Ark, and now they should copy The Solus Project lol. Ubisoft, who needs new ideas.
Posted 02:32pm 31/3/16
Yep, because aside from dinosaurs ARK and FC have so much in common and The Solus Project has to be the only space based game ever released, so any game set in space after, is clearly copying it and no other game ever. lul dat Ubi man what s*** c****.
Posted 09:03pm 31/3/16
I got it.

You are an Astronaut who is stranded on Mars........when you hear a knock at the Habitat door. It's a Subterranean Alien. The Alien helps you survive being stranded in exchange to help him and his group overthrow the evil subterranean alien regime. You craft things like Ammo bags and med-kit slots from dead Alien skins. And so much more.

10/10 IGN.

Ubisoft pats itself on the back for being so creative and awesome.

That being said. I would like a game that is based on Mars. Perhaps the first Colony of people living there. Just cut and paste the previous FC mechanics and away we go.
Alan Partridge
Posted 04:22am 06/4/16
'it went gangbusters'

Posted 03:17pm 14/1/15
Will never happen. There are a hundred more interesting places to set the next FarCry.

good idea. are there any really successful games set in straya?'

yeah, gangbusters
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