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In a timely 'you probably need reminding that Mirror's Edge Catalyst is out in a couple of months' video, we get a closer look at the story and setting for the game, plus a great look at the environment -- which is referred to a couple of times as the 'City of Glass'. If you were a fan of the sleek minimal style of the original game then what you see here will definitely get you excited to step back into Faith's shoes and pretend that you're not deathly afraid of heights and are flexible enough to jump over a table without breaking something.

This is a great behind the scenes video that does contain a few spoilers as to where the game begins, but overall the main focus is on the environments and the new dynamic day and night system that changes locations from bright and white to neon and sleek in a matter of minutes.

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst is out May 26 on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

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