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According to Eurogamer, an industry source that posts on NeoGAF under the name Shinobi, and chatter from within Activision that they've heard, the next Call of Duty which is due for release in November will be set, get this, in the distant future. The post in question simply states, "Very far future. Space combat. Full on sci-fi." Which, is certainly a departure for the series. One that in recent years has opted for the not-so full on sci-fi of the near future, where the U.S. military has the coolest weapons.

Exactly what Call Duty: Future Space Ops will be about, or even if its true, remains a mystery. The series has dabbled in space before with the opening of Call of Duty: Ghosts taking place in the Earth's orbit. So all we can do is speculate. And speculate we will.

Call of Duty: Future Space Ops takes place in the year 2275 a time when the United States of Earth is at war with the Vaguely Eastern European Accented Coalition of Separatist Asteroids. The VEEACSA. President Kevin Spaceybot 3000 commands an elite unit of tactical astronaut-slash-soldiers, led by Lt. White Guy, to infiltrate the headquarters of the bad guys. On the surface of Mars. Or Europa. Or most likely, an asteroid. We forgot they were asteroid separatists for a second there. Also there's a space zombie mode set in a different time period for some reason or another. Anyway, you'll get to fly a spaceship of some sort too for a period of some time. Or not. Call of Duty: In Space is out this November.

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