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Post by KostaAndreadis @ 04:11pm 29/03/16 | 3 Comments
What's a PlayStation 4K or PS4K? Well, its the nickname given to the rumoured supped up PlayStation 4 that will release sometime in the near future. A PlayStation 4 capable of running games at higher resolutions, namely 4K. Hence the name. Which, is kind of perfect. Now, what does this mean in real terms? Well, that would be a high-end PlayStation 4, a new model with advanced hardware capable of running PlayStation 4 games and software faster and better. So, kind of like upgrading your PC hardware after a couple of years. Something that is not completely unheard of in the console space, but definitely a little strange.

Apparently the PlayStation 4.5 or 4K is a very real thing too, with Sony in possession of prototype hardware and developers already given access to more potential GPU power. Power that although is an improvement over the current PlayStation 4 hardware may not actually contain the grunt required to run modern games in a native 4K resolution. According to some sources. Which is not that surprising considering the sort of power required to run a PC title in 4K. We're talking a graphics card worth around about $1,000 give or take a few c-notes. Cramming that into the box the size of a PS4 sounds kind of expensive.

So, does this mean that we should expect to see PlayStation 4K-only games in the future? Probably not, best case scenario is a game like Uncharted 4 running at 1080p on current hardware and 4K on the new spec. Its expected that both versions of the PlayStation 4 will share the same software library. A hardware revision of this nature coming so soon in the life of the PlayStation 4 though is the real mystery, one that only starts to make sense with the latest rumours pointing to an announcement and potential release of the PS4K alongside PlayStation VR. It's no secret that Virtual Reality along the lines of the Oculus Rift or HTC Vive requires expensive CPU and GPU power to back it all up, so the PS4K is probably also being designed as an elite PS4 model to beef up the resolution of its VR offerings to compete at a like-for-like level.

Either way rumours everywhere are pointing to a potential unannounced console announcement coming from Sony in the near future, probably at E3. And with Microsoft also hinting at console revisions for the Xbox One with forward and backward compatibility, we could see new versions of both consoles announced before the year is out.

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Posted 11:54pm 29/3/16
My GPU is a GTX 770 4GB card that cost me $400 and runs games (like GTA V, Fallout 4, MGS: Phantom Pain and The Witcher 3) at 4K pretty well, some games at max settings at very playable framerates.

Higher resolutions demand more RAM more than anything else, Expansion Pak on the N64 ring a bell?
Posted 09:20pm 30/3/16
I'm thinking that maybe that external rendering device they run their VR through might also be used in upscaling. Perhaps they'll sell them separately and market the VR as a "cheap way to get 4k".

Would make some sense, unless there's a technical reason I don't know about.
Posted 02:35pm 31/3/16
I'd be happy for Sony to fix the f*****g mess that is the dashboard on PS4 before asking for 4K.
how they still run such a f*****g terrible UI in 2016 is beyond me.
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