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Post by KostaAndreadis @ 03:32pm 29/03/16 | 26 Comments
The release of the latest DOOM is right around the corner so its fitting that media from the game is being released at a steady clip. Just like the guns in the game. Ooh, pun! In the latest trailer, not-so-cryptically-titled 'Demons, Power Weapons & Power-Ups' we get a look at the Demons, Power Weapons & well, you get the picture. The mere mention of Power Weapons and DOOM in the same sentence naturally leads to the natural end-point for all handheld weaponry, the '9' on your keyboard, the BFG. Which can be seen in the final moments of the trailer.

Now, apart from the appearance of the BFG, probably the most interesting addition to DOOM's multiplayer is the introduction of powerful Demons, which serve as power-ups of the giant monster variety. Although the above trailer is an action and spectacle driven slice of the game, it certainly looks like Demons will play a major role in the flow of multiplayer matches. Which is either a good or bad thing. Judging by the footage we've seen so far, we're leaning towards good.

DOOM releases on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on May 13.

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Latest Comments
Posted 11:11pm 29/3/16
Gauss Cannon seems to be a rail gun for doom?
Posted 07:12pm 30/3/16
Doom gameplay.
Posted 09:20pm 30/3/16
Cheers Python.
Posted 10:08pm 30/3/16
It's not going to handle like Quake, but it still looks great.
Posted 11:19pm 30/3/16
Yeah it does look pretty fun I reckon. I can't wait to get stuck into the SnapMap editor as well and see what people come up with.
Posted 06:13pm 31/3/16
Another video..this one goes a bit more in depth into it.

Posted 06:23pm 31/3/16
Posted 06:24pm 31/3/16
Here's a site that has links to a few videos...

They all essentially say what each other person is saying though.
Posted 08:06pm 31/3/16
wtf just noticed i have the doom closed beta in my steam library.
Posted 08:07pm 31/3/16
wtf just noticed i have the doom closed beta in my steam library.

WTF so did I??

Does it work?
Posted 08:16pm 31/3/16
will find out when it finishes downloading.
Posted 09:07pm 31/3/16
If you bought the latest wolf, you get beta access to doom.
Posted 09:35pm 31/3/16
ahhhh that's right. Thought it had to be a pre-order though. I bought it after it was realeased.

Downloaded but doesn't work :(

Failed to start game (unknown error)
Same for your Rav?
Posted 09:53pm 31/3/16
yeah did a quick google and the beta will be running over the weekend.
Posted 06:38pm 01/4/16
yeah did a quick google and the beta will be running over the weekend.

ok it's up and working now.

Yours jerky as when loading? Mine is then crashed "Doom stopped working".
Posted 07:10pm 01/4/16
Sounds like maybe its..... DOOMed to fail
Posted 07:42pm 01/4/16
came good on third go!

I gotta say it's pretty good! it feels like UT! lolz

it's fast so that's good.

The voice over sounds like lincoln from prison break.
Posted 11:20pm 01/4/16
played a few matches and it was fun but there's a few things i dislike.

it's not nearly as fast as i was hoping.

fov is low and no fov slider in sight. lots of missing settings customization. probably just a beta thing.

loadouts suck! i want all the weapons.

not sure where servers are hosted. each match i had a different ping ranging from 80-400+

also why the hell do i have to use the scroll wheel to change weapons? i couldn't see any option to bind them to keys. sure, you only have access to 2 weapons at a time but it feels so damn clumsy having to use the scroll wheel.
Posted 11:52pm 01/4/16
For changing FOV...

Kind Old Raven said this:

You need to go to Steam launch options and add the following, one for convenience, and one for FoV ;) +set g_fov 106 +set com_skipintrovideo 1
Posted 11:55pm 01/4/16
yeah loadouts wtf, not very doom/quakey
Posted 12:34am 02/4/16
Just had a few games of this, pretty fun. I spotted NachoJustice in one of my games. Took a few rounds to get my bearings, the low FOV is quite distracting and I found myself continually trying to hit a run button to go faster, well it was always the shift key for me in Doom.

Really looking forward to the single player campaign and though it's not planned to have co-op support, I'd imagine there will be a mod for it at some point.
Posted 01:50am 02/4/16
Looks way too slow IMO.

Just f*****g remaster Quake with 4k textures and move on people!
Posted 12:33pm 02/4/16
For changing FOV...

did that but fov still looks the same.
Posted 11:33pm 06/4/16

Posted 12:15pm 07/4/16
Heh @ that video. I'm not sure what else you would expect though; it was always going to be more Halo than Quake.

Console platforms are where the dollars are for shooters = game must be designed for control pads = movement must be slow/item carry must be limited.

Slowing it down so much and limiting the item carry removes too much skill differentiation, so it's out of necessity then that strategic elements such as unlocks and pre-game loadouts are introduced to compensate for that.

In summary: no game that is designed around a control pad can be possibly expected to deliver what Quake fans liked most about Quake, so stop letting yourself be disappointed.

Perhaps if the PC version has an open sever model and proper mod support, the community can create the game we actually want, but I'm not holding my breath.

For different reasons I'm pretty sure the Doom 4 solo campaign won't be what I want from a solo Doom game either, but hopefully it will at least still be fun in it's own way.
Posted 01:09pm 07/4/16
well this game just completely died for me.

Three premium multiplayer DLC packs will be released after launch and will contain new maps, hack modules, playable demons, weapons and more.

The first DLC will be available this summer and includes:

Three new maps One new weapon One new playable demon One new armour set One new piece of equipment New hack modules and taunts New customization colors and patterns Each DLC pack will cost $14.99/£11.99/€14.99 each. Alternatively, a Season Pass will include all future content for $39.99/£29.99/€39.99.
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