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Post by KostaAndreadis @ 03:07pm 23/03/16 | 7 Comments
According to Japanese publication Nikkei, Nintendo is all set to press the big red button at the Wii U production facility, and stop the conveyor belts by the end of this year. Which, is pretty big news, and would put the Wii U lifetime sales well under those for the Nintendo GameCube. Of course, Nintendo has slyly denied these reports, but Nikkei has been right more than a few times when it comes to the strange happenings at Nintendo.

This doesn't mean that the Wii U will disappear from store shelves come 2017, all it means is that what's left will continue to sell, and that there will be enough stock to meet the diminishing demand for the console as time moves on. This adds weight to the rumour and speculation that Nintendo's next console the NX will debut this year in some form, and may actually be a portable/home-console hybrid.

But even so, as the Wii U was introduced in 2013, this certainly feels premature. And going by the sales of the console, expected.

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Posted 07:32pm 23/3/16
Considering the eons that the original Wii was available for, 3 years of production of the WiiU is a bit odd. Perhaps because there wasn't enough innovation with the WiiU? Maybe cos the name was even s****** than the Wii?
Posted 07:57pm 23/3/16
still rate the Wii as the best most innovative conslolz evar!
Posted 08:29pm 23/3/16
they failed when they changed to wii in my opinion.

they should have gone the way playstation did. or atleast join with microsoft or sony so the legacy didnt die in the ass like it has.

Id kill for a this gen graphics zelda or mario game. Would be so epic, and im sure 90% of the ppl that loved n64, snes, and the og nintendo would have supported it. i bought a wii years ago just to play the zelda game on it and a 3ds just to play majoras mask on again.

Posted 09:00pm 23/3/16
I'll still buy one just for the Zelda remakes and the new Zelda due this year.
Posted 10:59pm 23/3/16
A shame it wasn't more successful really. I quite like my WiiU. But Due to sales and hardware specs it seems Nintendo have failed to capture many quality third party developers for a few generations now. The seem to be ever relying on their first party franchises which unfortunately have become a bit lacklustre I feel. No killer titles like a balls to the wall adult styled HD zelda save say Mario Kart and SSB, third party releases going straight to the bargain bin and underwhelming first party releases being woefully expensive and never dropping in price to scrape back some profits puts the WiiU squarely in the curio corner.

"Hey whats that over there?"

"Oh thats just a Nintendo WiiU"

"O...K... what else have you got?"
Posted 11:14pm 23/3/16
threads like these remind me why I support Steam OS
Posted 11:56pm 23/3/16
The Wii U was released in 2012, not 2013. A five year run ending in 2017 isn't that bad, the Xbox only lasted four years.
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