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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 05:16pm 14/03/16 | 3 Comments
Recently we took Remedy's Quantum Break for a hands-on spin, and walked away with far more questions than answers. Though most of those were related to paradoxes and how the game -- and studio -- would invariably handle them once super-nerdy fans got their hands on the game. So, before any of that is spoilt, click through to know our thought on not just the game, but also its TV show companion.

Here's a taste:
Like Alan Wake, the game is broken up into episodes, and at the end of gameplay you can also opt in to watch episodes of a live-action spin on the events you just played through. There are four episodes of the show, each at roughly 20-minutes in length. How you play the game, however, can have an impact on exactly what version of specific episodes you watch. It’s not completely dynamic, because that would be crazy, and impossible, but having legitimate feedback in a TV show from your in-game actions and decisions is a powerful tool. The game is described as the hero piece, while the show is shot from the perspective of the story’s villains, which makes those feedback moments even more impactful. Honestly, in both the TV and videogame landscapes, nothing like Quantum Break exists.
Click here for our full hands-on preview.

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Latest Comments
Posted 07:08pm 14/3/16
I'm impressed they pulled it off, I honestly expected the tv show part of it to get dropped by the wayside or hugely cut down but it sounds like they carried through with it.
Posted 06:09pm 16/3/16
Does look cool. As much as it pains me I guess I'll get an xbone to play this, and a couple other MS exclusives.
Posted 11:17pm 16/3/16
i would grab this on PC if it wasn't exclusive to microsofts store.
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