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We finally have our Far Cry Primal review for you, it's a bit late but what with all the time-traveling involved and all, surely that can be forgiven. We're also pretty sure a lot of people may not have jumped on into this new Far Cry, so click below to check our full verdict.

Here's a snippet from our review:
It becomes apparent how invested into their new world Ubisoft is, when your first pet wolf cocks his leg and takes a leak on the dead body of the Udam you both just killed. Even more so when, while health depleted, any one of your pets starts to munch on said dead body for a light snack.

Animals are the absolute hero of Far Cry Primal, with the main protagonist, Takkar, a conduit for the player to control and nurture them. And it’s not even specific to the ‘pets’ you gather -- the game-world is alive with an ecosystem that works, albeit in micro, digital form. Sure, news recently came to light that the game’s map of Oros is maybe a little too close to that of the Himalayas in Far Cry 4, but I’d argue that it’s irrelevant. Far Cry Primal’s setting is still far and away different to any of the previous games, and immersing yourself in this stone age world is one of the best experiences of the series you might ever have.
Click here for our full Far Cry Primal review.

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