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Post by KostaAndreadis @ 02:32pm 09/03/16 | 1 Comments
And there we have one of the most evocative headlines in AusGamers history, 'burning Ewok Villages'. A veritable teddy bear barbecue. Well, sort of. In a new free update to Star Wars Battlefront the game has received a new large-scale map, called Survivors of Endor, which puts players in the smoldering ruins of a large scale battle on the forest moon of Endor. Much like everything Star Wars Battlefront it looks amazing. Also, something called 'Hutt Contracts' are coming soon.

Check out the following trailer which covers the free content coming to the game. In addition to the new forest moon of Endor map, there are some new Mission maps coming.

There's nothing about the above video that says anything but "great job", so it'll be weird when the player-base for the game is fractured once the DLC packs arrive. And with the DLC-packs bringing new maps and heroes, much like the free content we've seen so far, the post-release plans for Star Wars Battlefront are weird to say the least. For one the free content updates look like they'll be released alongside the DLC packs, and the DLC packs themselves aren't different enough to differentiate themselves from the free updates.

And the most interesting upcoming piece of content for Star Wars Battlefront, Hutt Contracts, will be free. Sure a lot of the interest is due to the mystery, but the idea of being a bounty hunter in the Star Wars universe is too good to pass up. And just the name alone adds weight to the simple fact that Star Wars Battlefront will benefit immeasurably from some story-based content.

star wars battlefrontfree updatetrailer

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Posted 07:09pm 09/3/16
Wowser. Disney or Lucas arts must really be destroying dice and EA for their s*** release of 5 maps.
I haven't seen this much free stuff for a AAA title since cod 5.
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