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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 05:11pm 04/03/16 | 1 Comments
It's not far away from release, but like me I imagine there a lot of gamers out there trepidatious of Dark Souls or, just plain scared. So I took the game for a spin for over two hours on PS4, and totally hate love it.

Here's a snippet from my preview:
I can’t remember too many games in my lifetime that I completely suck at. Maybe car games with all assists off, and requiring manual shifting. Oh, and MOBAs, but that’s an almost ‘by choice’ thing. Adventure games, especially those with heaps of combat, however, are my forte. I play them at the highest difficulty setting -- as was the case last year with The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt or Fallout 4. Games like the Batman: Arkham series I New Game Plus (and own at the free-flow combat), because I love the challenge of them, and enjoy consistent and ever-growing progression. But when it comes to Dark Souls (and Bloodborne), I’m useless.

It sucks because I love the art, I love the idea of resurrected player-characters being thrown into an adventure gauntlet they have no control over. That death is just another destination, with no true end. That it’s all a torture chamber where ‘dying’ simply removes the only currency you have, and sets you back at unforgiving ‘checkpoints’. It’s gamer purgatory, but gamers are a resilient bunch and despite the story being wafer-thin in detail, it’s the journey and how you move through it that is the series’ narrative, as dictated by the players.
Click here for our complete Dark Souls 3 preview.

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Posted 06:14pm 04/3/16
Just started playing Bloodborne recently, love it for all those reasons!

Defo keen to check out DS3 now. Wish I had time to go back and play DS 1 and 2 but I doubt I do.
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