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We now have the skinny on the first expansion pack for Star Wars Battlefront, called Outer Rim. The pack will bring three new maps to the game, a pair of heroes, and a new mode called Extraction. There's also be some new weapons and cards to equip, but no new single-player or co-op content.

The new maps will take place in an industrial facility on Sullust, as well as Jabba's Palace and sail barge garage on Tatooine. As for the heroes, well they're an interesting choice, with "he who mustn't shoot first" Greedo signing up for Imperial duty and Lando's co-pilot, the excitable Nien Nunb fighting for the Rebellion. With all the potential Star Wars characters to choose from, it's hard not to feel a little underwhelmed with these choices.

The new mode being introduced to the game is called Extraction and will see Rebels infiltrating Imperial strongholds to extract a valuable shipment and bring it back to their transport ship. The Imperials will no doubt be tasked with having to stop that from happening. The expansion will also include new weapons and cards including a Relby V-10 rifle, DT-12 blaster pistol, Scatter Gun, Dioxis Grenade, and Adrenaline Stim.

The fact that there still looks to be no real plan to introduce some more or expand on the existing single-player and co-op content, has left a few fans wanting to see more from EA and DICE. Including Star Wars Episode VII's Finn, who took to Twitter to ask that very question.

EA responded, reminding actor John Boyega of the game's Mission mode, to which he replied with the very reasonable criticism that sure, it can be a lot of fun, but leaves you wanting to engage with some form of narrative.

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Posted 03:08pm 03/3/16
I assumed they'd been waiting this long and hadn't done anything or released anything because they had something big in the pipeline and they were going to come out with an awesome chunk of DLC that addressed peoples concerns... and then instead its this. Why do I let myself hope :(
Posted 03:17pm 03/3/16
Yeh, I was in the same boat. Playing a bunch of the Fighter Squadron mode I thought they could potentially release some single player and co-op style Rogue Squadron content in a specific expansion. Then another adding more variety to the Mission modes, with objectives and story content, and some RPG-lite horde-style progression.

All that in addition to the usual 'here's a map or two, a new weapon, plus some skins'

Fingers crossed this isn't what all the expansions will end up like.
Posted 07:42pm 03/3/16
This game has been so disappointing for me that my dissatisfaction has evolved into hate
Posted 09:08pm 03/3/16
hate leads to suffering.
Posted 10:11pm 03/3/16
and suffering leads to watching The Phantom Menace
Posted 09:14am 04/3/16
Other way round Kosta
Posted 01:25pm 07/3/16
I played it over the weekend. People are actually playing the bigger modes again! And by the "bigger modes" I mean Supremacy (my favourite) and Walker Assault. Still can't seem to find a round of Turning Point.
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