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Post by KostaAndreadis @ 03:44pm 02/03/16 | 4 Comments
Even though it's only been delayed by a couple of weeks from late April to May 10, "to allow for extra manufacturing time", the extra wait will probably be somewhat painful to quite a few people. After all, we're talking about one of the most highly anticipated PlayStation 4 releases since the console was first announced. But, those looking to get their Uncharted fix the good news is that an Open Multiplayer Beta for Uncharted 4 will be available to play this weekend.

You can grab the beta now from the Playstation Store, and worry about the delay after a weekend spent with the game.

Even Sony's apology for the delay, which is all well and good, stings a little.

"We know this news might be disappointing, and we are sorry to have to make you wait a little longer to play Naughty Dog's latest. The good news is that the game is phenomenal - we are fully confident that it will be worth the wait and the team at Naughty Dog is eager as ever for you to experience Nathan Drake's final adventure."

Which kind of reads like, "Sorry bout the delay dudes. But, just so you know, the game is looking phenomenal and will probably be the best game you'll play all year. I mean we've all played it, and it rocks. Sucks to be you."

And so it was written. Come late April we'll have no choice but to watch the stunning story trailer, over and over.

Either that or play Dark Souls III until May 10.

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Latest Comments
Posted 08:46pm 02/3/16
looks fully hektik.

we've just played through the first 3 uncharted's and love them sick.

gonna preorder this i think.
Posted 09:59pm 02/3/16
It does look good
Posted 10:26pm 02/3/16
do i still get my limited edition ps4 on april 28?


can't say i've ever seen a game delayed so they can print more discs. preorder numbers must be pretty damn high.
Posted 07:20am 03/3/16
finally I can use my PS4 for something.
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