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Post by KostaAndreadis @ 04:08pm 25/02/16 | 7 Comments
Ubisoft has released a new trailer for The Division showcasing the PC version running at 60fps with all the sorts of graphical bells and whistles that justify spending a small fortune on a water-cooled tower of silicon and microchips. And predictably, it looks pretty amazing. In other Division news, Ubisoft has also release a small browser-based interactive thingy called Collapse, which lets you be patient zero in a global epidemic.

Here's the video of 60fps Division action. And it's great to see the PC version getting a simultaneous release alongside the console versions.

As for Collapse, you can check that out here, put in your address and then watch the world fall to ruin. Turns out that being patient zero in the western suburbs of Melbourne gives the world about 25 days before total collapse. Also, and very strangely, result in a nearby Harvey Norman being looted due to a general lack of food. Which in a strange way is a powerful commentary on the current state of humanity, and in a weird way makes some sense. Especially when you factor in choosing to opt for Chemist Warehouse as the place to go for medication. Of course they'd sell out.

Maybe you'll fair better.

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Posted 06:43pm 25/2/16
After the beta, I know a lot of people liked it, but it still feels like a console game. I don't feel like they delivered on this title. The engine doesn't cut the mustard for top end IMO.
Posted 07:33pm 25/2/16
25 Day and 23 Hours for Maudsland on the Gold Coast for the world to collapse, pretty nifty site
Posted 07:57pm 25/2/16

You're home. A sudden, unbearable pain causes you to faint.
Emergency Medical Services take you directly to Nundah Community Health Centre, Brisbane.

Well no f*****g wonder the world collapsed, there's a hospital 2 minutes drive from me not a ~50 minute drive to Nundah. It's not even a hospital over there, we bypassed the RBH, Mater and PA. On day 5 I went to the movies though.

25:11:12 for me.
Posted 12:42pm 26/2/16
Cant wait for this on PC. One thing that im not convinced of yet is why does a high level player look to me like a low level one? The thing about RPGs/MMOs is having some 'street cred' with your gear and appearance to show after all your hard work. Surely it would be cool to have some cosmetic changes that are only available to max level toons a bit like WoW end game sets etc. Maybe im wrong but everyone looks the same apart from weapon and gear stats.
Posted 01:06pm 26/2/16
Well, its going for a more realistic tone I guess, so most of the flair pieces you'd have in other MMO's wouldn't really work. You can't really put helmets with big plumes or animations or giant fancy shoulders on a Division character. I'm sure there'll be some special costume pieces you get from the hard raids and stuff though, some high tech looking tactical gear or something, but end of the day you're still gonna be wearing a hat a vest and some pants.
Posted 01:54pm 26/2/16
I agree and I dont mean it to that extent. Say, an end game drop might be a SAS or SWAT set....something that looks cool and different yet still ties in with the realistic look but is only availble to elite players. Then again im pretty gear driven in MMOs so maybe its just me lol.
Posted 01:19pm 27/2/16
Try to load the Collapse page in chrome and it tells me to use chrome!
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