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Post by KostaAndreadis @ 02:55pm 18/02/16 | 16 Comments
A friendly reminder to those that didn't get a chance to get in the last round of The Division Beta action, the Open Beta is running this weekend on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. The beta is currently available to pre-load, and for those of you thinking about a second go around the Open Beta will include a new story mission. Oh, and there's a new trailer which has enough guns and flames and slow-mo firefights to get just about anyone in the mood.

Hmm, that doesn't sound right. But you get the point. The Division is looking very good, so be sure to jump in if you're still on the fence.

To find out more and sign-up for the Open Beta, head to the official site.

the divisionopen betapcplaystation 4xbox onetrailer

Latest Comments
Posted 07:29pm 20/2/16
Ran like ass on my i5 3570k, 16GB RAM and 7990 (both Xfire and not, though turning off Xfire barely got me to 50ish fps).

I'll pass until I hear it's actually running like it should be.
Posted 09:30pm 20/2/16
I'm sure Amd will release some new Catalyst drivers that help it run better.... in 3 or 4 months time
Posted 10:34pm 20/2/16
-Hit space to start game
"servers are down try again later"
-Hit space to start game
"servers are down try again later"
-Hit space to start game
"servers are down try again later"
Posted 06:30pm 21/2/16
Haven't had it crash on me.

Enjoying the beta, only problem is that enemies are much of the same..but it is beta so I'll give it that. There is also the fact that I'm still learning everything so I don't really have an idea what I'm doing just yet.
Posted 07:50pm 21/2/16
got to level 8 and dark zone rank 11 and i've had my fill of the game. will not buy.
Posted 09:30pm 21/2/16
I didn't bother with the open beta, seemed to be mostly the same thing as the closed beta and its not terribly representative of the full game with so much of it locked off, gonna wait and see how the whole package goes once its out
Posted 10:23pm 21/2/16
I don't think you will get a ton of variety of enemies in this game. Harder and named enemies are from what I have heard, bullet sponges. Some people may not like that but other might. I don't mind if the enemies are like that too much.
Posted 09:21am 22/2/16
Not quite sure what to make of this game, I had fun playing it. Got kind of annoyed with how easy it was to go rogue by accident so you would then lose all your items in an instant when everyone gangs up on you the second you go "rogue". That part really sucks, not even my fault but someone elses in the gang who had their turret accidently shoot someone. That made it tiring.
Posted 09:55am 22/2/16
I wish my PC had even the vaguest hope of running this.

It looks pretty neat. Hopefully the game play issues will be resolved by release.
Posted 11:09am 22/2/16
Just did a bit of reading, that turrent issue is a bug it seems. Basically don't use the turret in the darkzone.
Posted 11:28am 22/2/16
Hrmm, thats a bit worrying though, I mean the turret was only made available with this beta so that was the first time its been widely tested and it has bugs like that. How many bugs are going to be in the other 90% of the game once it launches? Might be a total clusterf*** at launch :(
Posted 07:37am 23/2/16
I played about 40 minutes and it's a game I would play the s*** out of, however I have so many damn games to play and finish playing The Division will just further prolong my back log...
Posted 08:51am 23/2/16
Anyone play the last hour of the beta last night?

Absolute mayhem, and it was great lol!
Posted 07:59pm 23/2/16
One thing I would like to see is more strategy or open options for completing missions as opposed to just finding cover and moving forward every mission.
Posted 10:08pm 23/2/16
This game will sell s*** loads and then die in the ass. They didn't address any of the critical issues with the DZ, yet they continue to base their end game around just that.
Posted 11:38am 24/2/16
This game will sell s*** loads and then die in the ass. They didn't address any of the critical issues with the DZ, yet they continue to base their end game around just that.

Its...its not out yet. How can they address the end game when no one is actually at the end game to test it.
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