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Post by KostaAndreadis @ 02:07pm 17/02/16 | 2 Comments
For many of you out there, assuming you have plenty of free time of course, Fallout 4 has come and gone with The Commonwealth now but a distant, yet very recent memory. Well, time to dust off that Laser Rifle because today Bethesda has detailed its plans for the first batch of DLC content for Fallout 4. With three releases scheduled so far, starting next month with Automatron, this is also only the beginning. The beginning of a very bright, and irradiated, Fallout future.

Okay, so let's dig into what's been announced so far. The first three bits of DLC for Fallout 4 (as part of the Season Pass), begin with Automatron in March, Wasteland Workshop in April, and finally Far Harbour in May.

Price: $16.95
Release: March 2016

The first bit of additional content for Fallout 4 will let you fully customise your very own robot companion as well as introduce a new menace to The Commonwealth by the name of the Mechanist. In order to get new parts, you'll need to hunt down all the Mechanist's evil robots, including one called Robobrain. Like with the already extensive weapon modification system Automatron will bring the same sensibility to robot building with hundreds of options to choose from, including a new lightning chain gun, and getting to choose which cool robotic voice your creation should have.

Wasteland Workshop
Price: $7.95
Release: April 2016

Probably one that everyone was expecting, a DLC that expands on the already excellent settlement building portion of the game. Although details are a little light, in addition to new design options that will let you create your own neon-lit signs and taxidermy for the Commonwealth's first and still best exhibition - The Original Dr. Andreadis Fantastic Commonwealth Creature Museum, there's also cages. Which does sound very cool, because you'll be able to capture and keep wild Deathclaws for your very own amusement. Literally because you'll be able to square them off against your own settlers.

Far Harbour
Price: $39.95
Release: May 2016

This is the big one, hence the hefty price tag. In what Bethesda describes as "the largest landmass for an add-on that we’ve ever created, filled with new faction quests, settlements, lethal creatures and dungeons", players will travel off the coast of Maine to an island in search of a young woman. And along the way get embroiled in a conflict between a colony of synths, the Children of Atom, and locals. In addition to obligatory Stephen King references Far Harbour will also offer up new high-level armour and weapons to find, and settlements to build. Which should make this a great new adventure to tackle once you settle the whole Institute mess in Boston.

But that's not really final, because Bethesda has announced that it's working on even more content, more so than for any other title in its library. And that Season Pass owners will get access to all additional content for the game, regardless of when its released. Which means that the Season Pass, which currently retails for $49.95, will see a price increase to $79.95 on March 1. So, if you plan on re-visiting the Commonwealth anytime soon, it's probably best to get a Season Pass now.

Interestingly Bethesda is planning on conducting a beta for all upcoming DLC releases, which you can sign up for here -- assuming you have a Bethesda.net account. The beta will be conducted on both PC and console, with those gaining access getting full copies of each DLC release.

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Posted 02:36am 05/3/16
i bought the season pass the day it was in stock at ozgameshop and picked it up for $35 at the time so i got mine real cheap and i am primed for it as i love this game play it everyday.
Posted 10:58am 05/3/16
I am building up my mana to get back into it and finish the story. DLC will have to be a long term project.
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