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Post by KostaAndreadis @ 03:37pm 09/02/16 | 7 Comments
When Blizzard began developing games in the early '90s (under the name Silicon & Synapse) they created great games for the Super NES like Rock n' Roll Racing and The Lost Vikings. It wasn't until the landmark of release of Warcraft: Orcs & Humans in 1994 that really began the developer's journey into becoming the Blizzard we all know (and love) today. And after 25 years of a just about perfect track record, Blizzard is celebrating its anniversary and saying thank you to its many fans.

So with that it mind, time to dust off your roller-blades and parachute pants and let us know what the first Blizzard game you played was? For me it was either Rock n' Roll Racing on the SNES or Blackthorne on the PC, I can't really remember which one I played first. Both were just about instant classics, taking already existing styles and perfecting them. The studio's design philosophy of "easy to learn, difficult to master" is one that you can apply to just about every one of its games. Even the early ones. Now it may only be an opinion, but you'd be hard pressed to find a better isometric racer than Rock n' Roll Racing. And to me, Blackthorne was always "Flashback, but way more fun". The whole not looking whilst one-hand shotgunning someone standing behind you, is one of my favourite PC gaming memories.


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Posted 05:58pm 09/2/16
Lost Vikings. So long ago I was still in high school. Playing Vikings instead of doing my assignments.
Posted 07:11pm 09/2/16
Thanks for making us ridonkadonk rich off basically the same 2 games!
Posted 07:18pm 09/2/16
Can you fix the armoury on WoW please. My toons haven't been updated for a month.
Posted 08:50pm 11/2/16
more like celebrating 15 years of, 'f*** `em, let's get dat paper.'
Posted 11:02pm 11/2/16
f***, that is glib

he's rully excited to see if they can maintain the attention of those paying fans for the neckst twenny fyve yeers as if most of them will never tire of it

they should just pour that money into tokamak and fusion research that's actually going to probably change everythang
Posted 10:13am 12/2/16
Blizzard, Codemasters, ID Software, are the gaming producers I've felt most confident in buying their products.
Posted 11:09am 12/2/16
he's rully excited to see if they can maintain the attention of those paying fans for the neckst twenny fyve yeers as if most of them will never tire of it

Of course hes excited, hes doing what he loves and has been ridiculously succesful at it, who wouldn't be excited in that situation? Blizzard to me feels like one of the few big AAA companies left that is still in it for the games as much as the making money. I mean the core values in their mission statement are things like "Embrace your inner Geek" and "Gameplay first", it just feels like they're coming from a different place than the various EA or Ubisoft studios. Those are the sorts of values that make me want to make games, hell those are the sorts of values that make me want to work for Blizzard.

And when they do f*** up (eg. D3 real money AH) they own their mistakes and work on fixing them. They put a tonne of work into redesigning and rebuilding D3 into being a better game and re-earning that lost trust from their fans. If that were an EA game they would have milked it for every dollar they could then quietly shut it down and moved on with the next thing, while never admitting they made an actual mistake and were wrong.

I'm admitedly a self-confessed Blizzard fanboy, but its as much because of how much respect I have for the company and the way they do business, as it is their games. They're always gonna cop some hate cos of the tall poppy thing, but honestly I think they've set a pretty high bar for other triple A studios and an awesome example of how to be this huge successful juggernaut without compromising your values or losing touch with your community. So heres to another 25 years!
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