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Post by KostaAndreadis @ 02:29pm 03/02/16 | 2 Comments
That's right, LEGO Star Wars is back! And this time, it's personal. Well, not really. Personally I thought Episode VII was a great cinematic Star Wars experience, and this feels like the perfect video-game tie-in. Even though the LEGO-themed games of late have kind of felt like more of the same, and no doubt this will probably use the same template, it's good to see the series going back to Star Wars. We even get a trailer that parodies the first Episode VII teaser.

To sum it up in a single word -- charming.

LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens is out June 28, 2016, and will be available on just about every platform you can imagine.

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Posted 07:58pm 03/2/16
I predict Lego Awakens will be shallow, premium priced on PC, and worthless if it didn't have SW theme.

Pre=order now. Pay up front and unlock 3 other lego helmets.
Posted 11:04pm 03/2/16
Ahaha, looks cool. I've played a few of the other Lego games and they've always been great.
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