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Post by KostaAndreadis @ 03:42pm 02/02/16 | 8 Comments
With the beta for The Division wrapping up we're ready to share our thoughts after spending a number of hours roaming the virus-plagued streets of Manhattan, NYC. Does the long-awaited RPG-slash-shooter-thing from Ubisoft live up to the hype? Is it too early to tell? Spoiler alert, it's a little bit of both. Have your own thoughts from playing the beta? Let us know.

As for the question of what exactly The Division is, the beta answers. It’s a co-operative cover based shooter. It’s an RPG. It’s an open-world title much like what we’ve seen before from Ubisoft. There’s also a pretty cool competitive element in the form of an area called the Dark Zone. But it also feels like its own thing. In fact, the best thing about The Division that we can glean from this early look is how confident it is in its own skin. From the way just about every UI feature is stylishly integrated into the game-world, how the map and GPS system feels less like a game mechanic and more like a real-world thing, to the way the streets and alleys of Manhattan feel lived both lived in, and ominously quiet, The Division is one of the most immersive online-RPG-shooter hybrids we’ve ever seen.

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Posted 10:37pm 02/2/16
The PC beta completely exceeded my expectations. Graphics look incredible on ultra settings and the gameworld is very immersive. Played almost like a new genre incorporating bits of various other games and styles. I had an amazing experience in the Dark Zone too. I was by myself and walking aimlessly exploring the areas not really knowing where i was going or why. After a while i found another player who fired on me taking my loot. I respawned and ran back in on a mission to find this guy. After a while I did and I had my vengeance taking back my green drop this guy stole from me. The Dark Zone was very stark and lonely almost with a STALKER vibe. In a completely unscripted manner i met with another player, cautious of each other anticipating one of us would attack. Before long we built a form of trust always looking back at each other checking to see if he was going to take a shot. He nor I did and we ran with each other. We met another lone wolf who joined us too...then another, and another. There was always a standoff type scenario with each new recruit to see if they were going to be friendly which alone was very tense and cool. Before long there was 6 of us running as a group including the guy that took me out earlier. It was a really cool gaming moment where complete strangers with no mics banded together to watch each others backs. Very, very cool moment and that alone pretty much sold me on this unique game. Sorry for the long winded reply but I wanted to share that moment. SHD Edition preorded. See you guys in the zone maybe.
Posted 01:18am 03/2/16
Yeah, I had a similar experience in the Dark Zone, and same thing, I loved the atmosphere, how eerily dead and quiet everything felt. But not like post apocalyptic dead, more like you could imagine just days before it was a living bustling city and then its like life just stopped, it had a pretty cool creepy vibe about it. Running through the contaminated areas, and through the subways especially felt creepy, even though I know its not like a zombie game where s*** is going to jump out at me I still felt really tense just cos of the atmosphere it built up.

Most of the other people I know were raving on about how much fun it was to go rogue and screw over other people for their loot, but I had more fun on the other side of the fence, like Ice9ine's story, I had those kind of spontaneous groups join, usually out of an "the enemy of my enemy is my friend" type situation where there'd be some rogues and we'd band together to defend the extraction point from them or hunt them down, it was suprisingly fun, I wasn't expecting to enjoy it as much as I did.

And even outside of the Dark Zone, I loved the pve stuff too and just the environments they've built, it was fun to explore the city and just run around shooting s*** and doing missions, I could really see myself getting lost in it considering I probably spent like 8 hours just running around in a severely limited beta version of it.
Posted 01:20am 03/2/16
And apart from those problems with the network architecture, which may or may not end up biting it in the ass, I actually thought it was a hell of a good PC port. Ran awesomely and was really configurable and felt like it had actually been properly tuned to feel good on PC and not just straight ported over.
Posted 03:01am 03/2/16
Is there no, or won't be, any in-player comms to communicate?

How do you keep track of identifying strangers you're friends with now, and rogues?

Sounds ace though!
Posted 07:20am 03/2/16
Viper there is ingame voice support I believe as I did hear someone talking occassionly. In a way it works just as well without mics but no doubt hardcore groups will use them.
Posted 10:54am 03/2/16
Is this a game people are pre-ordering or waiting until after the release?
Posted 11:12am 03/2/16
Nah, I'm still not pre-ordering, been burnt too many times by that, even on games where I thought it'd be a no-brainer.

I was thinking of waiting to see how it shakes out over the first day or two, see if servers manage to cope with the load and hacking runs rampant or not. I'd rather get it on PC, but if PC turns out to be a mess upon release I'll pivot and get it on PS4.

How do you keep track of identifying strangers you're friends with now, and rogues?

Its got ingame voice chat, and matchmaking tools too and you can invite your friends to your group and run around as a team and stuff. When someone goes rogue they show up in the game world with a red health bar and show up on your mini map as a red skull icon kind of thing, so they're pretty easy to spot. I think each Dark Zone instance is capped to about 25 players too, so (at least within one session) its pretty easy to remember the names of people who've gone rogue and ganked you, even if you run accross them and they aren't currently rogue.
Posted 08:39pm 03/2/16
yep thoroughly enjoyed it, cant wait for open and then release in march. running a old 670 i was impressed at how good it looked and felt. i forgot all about the 3rd person thing once i told myself this is a ARPG; after that had a blast.
The loot system works quite well and the going rouge thing was pretty epic at times ;) especially when another random player decided to help you go rouge.
my graphics settings defaulted to high for everything and it ran very smooth so cranked it all up to ultra where possible and holy snapping dog s***, the snow storms rolling in made if feel quite surreal.
Hell this game might actually take me away from path of exile.
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