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Post by KostaAndreadis @ 12:52pm 29/01/16 | 7 Comments
So the beta for The Division is happening right now. As in, now now. If you've managed to snag a key or pre-order the game then no doubt your take on Tom Clancy's vision of a world where car doors are left open for strangers to close is still very fresh. And with the full-game set for release in a couple of months Ubisoft has revealed its initial plans for the future of The Division, which includes a Season Pass and some free content.

The Season Pass, which will be available at launch, will give players access to three planned expansions. Although details are a little scarce, we do know that they'll be themed and are expected to bring new gear, locations, and modes to the game. The first, "Underground", will naturally take place in a new underground location. And probably include a subway or two. The second expansion is titled "Survival" and will either be all about players trying their best to survive in a hostile environment or a surprise cross-promotion with the hit reality TV series Survivor. The Division: Outwit, Outplay, Outlast. The final expansion, dubbed "Last Stand", will probably raise the stakes in some capacity.

Season Pass holders are also set to receive exclusive content, gears, and other goodies on a regular basis. Ubisoft has also announced that there will also be additional free content, in the form of new co-operative challenges.

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Latest Comments
Posted 01:47pm 29/1/16
I'm really starting to hate Season Passes, its become worse than pre-ordering. Its like pre-ordering but you're dropping $30 - $50 with absolutely no idea at all what you're actually paying for.
Posted 02:21pm 29/1/16
I've also loathed the season pass thing. To me it's on the same level as On-Disk DLC.

It's pretty much pre-ordering blind. Imagine if you paid for Battlefront PC season pass, what a waste of money that would have been. I so dodged a bullet no buying that one, I almost did. Luckily Origin+price put me off.
Col Brooks
Posted 02:23pm 29/1/16
Yeah, imagine if you bought a season pass and the game sucked and you've got all that future DLC to groan through, like SW Battlefront. Who would want that.... sign.
Posted 02:42pm 29/1/16
I bought the season pass for Fallout 4 cos I figured it was a no brainer, its fallout, of course I'm going to like it, and the DLC for Fallout 3 was pretty good. Then it turned out, I've only played about 10 hours of Fallout 4 and never really got into it and didn't really enjoy it that much and theres still not even any word on what the DLC is, so yeah, f*** that. My first and last experience with a season pass.
Posted 07:17pm 29/1/16
Sort of annoying the game isn't even out yet but they've announced the post release content... Let's see what the Beta response is over the weekend.
Posted 07:27pm 29/1/16
yeah season passes are s***, wish they would f*** them off. pity every d*** buys them.
Posted 08:23pm 29/1/16
I don't mind paying money for a season pass if the content is there. I will purchase the Witcher 3 season pass once I've finished the main events, and the Dragon Age DLC was really good too.
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