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Post by KostaAndreadis @ 03:22pm 28/01/16 | 18 Comments
Kind of a no-brainer really, but ahead of the game's PC release tomorrow Crystal Dynamics and NVIDIA have released a new video highlighting some of the added benefits of running the game on PC hardware. Hardware that no doubt costs a pretty penny. Visually the title remains one of the best looking Xbox One games currently available, so yeah you can be sure the PC version looks amazing. So what does the extra power bring?

Fans of advanced graphics options in their games will swoon at the mention of effects like HBAO+, hardware tessellation, and tropical polymer filtering. Or, whatever its called. Anyway, the results are pretty impressive.

In addition to improved visuals you'll also get the chance to play one of the best games of 2015. So there's also that.

tomb raiderrise of the tomb raiderpcnvidiagraphics

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Posted 08:33pm 28/1/16
Man I was going to get this on PS4 for couch action, but maybe now it'll be PC. I need a better chair.
Posted 09:28pm 28/1/16
that's ship's sailed. Would have bought on PC if it was released simultaneously.
Posted 04:32pm 29/1/16
Man I was going to get this on PS4 for couch action, but maybe now it'll be PC. I need a better chair.

Get yourself a Steam Link—best of both worlds! That's how I'll be playing this.
Posted 04:56pm 29/1/16
^ When is it available in Aus? Keeps saying now available but when I click on it says coming soon.
Posted 05:34pm 29/1/16
pretty sure release day was today.
Posted 06:00pm 29/1/16
you dont need steam link, just make yourself a $200-$300 pc
Posted 07:13pm 29/1/16
A new Nvidia Tomb Raider friendly driver is also out. Playing game now...looks insane. Damn this b**** can take some punishment!
Posted 07:14pm 29/1/16
pretty sure release day was today.

Yeah I referring to Steam Link
Posted 02:16am 30/1/16
What's the deal with the Steam Link? Is wi-fi enough for flawless stream or does it really need to be ethernet?

Are standard routers alright (like a draytek) or something better?

My PC is pretty beefy so should be able to handle it .
Posted 02:34am 30/1/16
i got this for pc through ozgameshop as i was offended when they said it would be xb1 exclusive for a limited time so i think it was a monumental stuff up.They had it on sale for steam at $46 and with points i had accrued i got it for $34 so i think it is a good bargain.Graphics wise so far it looks amazing but i have not gone far so look forward to seeing how it progresses in.
Posted 04:56am 30/1/16
What's the deal with the Steam Link? Is wi-fi enough for flawless stream or does it really need to be ethernet?

I run steam in-home streaming over wireless and it works perfectly, I've been playing Witcher 3 streamed from my PC to my tv. I've got a wireless 802.11ac setup though so the throughput is pretty good, I'm not sure it'd work with a bog standard old 802.11g setup
Posted 10:15am 30/1/16
buy a 5m hdmi cable for $10.
Posted 11:56am 30/1/16
Would need at least a 10m cable to reach my tv, which would be at least $50 or more, then some kind of wireless controller setup that has the range to get from the pc to the lounge too. Plus you've then got cables running through the middle of your loungeroom too. Steam streaming is a more elegant solution.

I don't use a steam link though, I had a spare pc I just chucked down behind the tv and I stream to that. The client pc can be almost anything, all its doing is decoding a video stream really, so just as long as it has enough grunt to do that with some kind of hardware acceleration and has hdmi out you're sorted.

I run a bit of software on it called universal remote as well, which has a corresponding app on my phone and let's me use my phone to do mouse and keyboard input if I need to do anything in Windows outside of steam.
Posted 02:45pm 30/1/16
I run a 5m hdmi to my tv, but only because I'm lucky and my pc setup sits in an alcove off the side of the lounge room. Got a bluetooth dongle for my ds4 and voila, steam games on mah telly
Posted 11:36pm 31/1/16
This game is mad taxing on GPU; my 680 needed OCing to run a stable 30 fps on 'high' graphics, and even then it drops frames when it does close-ups of her physX hairdo.

According to this nVidia article (which is an excellent read btw) even SLI 980's arent enough to run the game on max settings for parts of the game:
Posted 11:01pm 01/2/16
just reached the geothermal valley and i'm absolutely loving the game. it looks damn gorgeous on high settings.

hopefully the next game will be new gen only because you can see they were still restricted on how large the areas could be due to the 360.
Posted 09:19pm 03/2/16
Cool, thanks guys. Steamlink sounds pretty cool. Will defo check it out.
Posted 02:54pm 05/2/16
I got my Steam Link from Amazon. Came to $80 AUD delivered (they deliver directly to Australia), and it comes with Australian power plugs. I run it over ethernet, and you don't notice any lag. The on-screen profiler reckons it's around 10ms of display lag, which I'm sure some purists would spit at, but I haven't noticed it at all in practice.

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