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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 06:04pm 20/01/16 | 9 Comments
Reach Studios, a Sydney-based developer comprised of industry veterans from such games as Call of Duty and Darksiders, has announced its inaugural release, GLORY, is now available for pre-order.

The game is actually the mind-child of two local talents in studio design director Adrian Vergara, and games writer and novelist Nick Hudson.

Here's the elevator pitch:
The earth can no longer be saved. In the near future, the outbreak of a War of Apathy sends the planet beyond the brink of disaster, and this global conflict would force all of humanity to share a terrible fate.

The only hope for survival lies on a distant planet, far from the stars we know.

You are a Seeker; one of many explorers sent to find a home for humanity on a world that proves to be as ruthless as the one we left behind. The sprawling wastes of Ferramor will test the limits of the seekers, and they will learn that the universe is not as empty as they had believed. It’s up to you and other Seekers to build a colony for the refugees from Earth, and help humanity to find its glory.
The game is billed as a "living, social world that is ever-changing" which employs a persistent online world combining first-person gunplay with RPG elements. So yes, it obviously sounds a bit like Destiny, but even if it does fit that shell, PC players will finally get a taste of what has (and will likely) never be available to them on their desktop rig of choice.

You can pre-order the game now right here, which is the "Dawnseeker Digital Deluxe edition" for PC for AUD $69.95. Getting in fast grants you GLORY Early Access, an exclusive player portrait and the game's first planned expansion, Feast of Worlds. It's not scheduled to release until "financial year 2017", however, early access is planned for this year. Console versions of the game are also in the works.

We'll learn more about the game throughout 2016 given the studio is based in our own backyard, but for now congrats to Reach for reaching it this far.

Check out a single screen and some artwork for the game below.

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Latest Comments
Posted 07:31pm 20/1/16
Meh, It's not selling itself to me.

Posted 01:04am 21/1/16
I'm just surprised that Australia still has at least one game developer left.
Posted 11:47pm 21/1/16
So this is pretty much a kickstarter campaign for a product that doesn't even have a video to showcase?

For small indie projects, ok sure. This is getting ridiculous.
Posted 12:37am 22/1/16
WTF, 70bux for vapor ware? lol
Posted 09:21am 22/1/16
A tentative 12 month release window? They should have spent less time drawing a picture of a box and more time at least creating more than 4 'artist impressions'.
Posted 10:32am 22/1/16
So they want people to sink money into a few pictures? You have got to be kidding me.
Posted 10:49am 22/1/16
Generic alien/sci pics at that. There is no substance to the pitch. Nothing to capture the imagination.
The 'pre-alpha' is just some random looking unity/unreal engine generic level with an overly large weapon model. Seriously, it's like taking up a quarter of the screen real estate.
Posted 11:40am 22/1/16
So Australian developer is making a Destiny clone?
Posted 08:41pm 28/1/16
Geez, tough crowd! ;)
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