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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 01:11pm 20/01/16 | 3 Comments
Minecraft is already used in a lot of schools around the world, as it helps students think laterally about problems and engages them in new and unique ways to when I was at school. Acknowledging this, Microsoft and Mojang have worked to create Minecraft: Education Edition.

Immersive learning with Minecraft: With thousands of classrooms in more than 40 countries already using Minecraft in the classroom, Minecraft: Education Edition will build on that early success to go even further. The experience is being shaped in the coming months by an advisory board of educators and a free trial will be available globally this summer, in time for the new school year. It will also be accompanied by a new community site on http://education.minecraft.net/, which will offer resources such as lesson plans and a new program called Minecraft Mentors that connects experienced Minecraft educators with those introducing the title to their classroom for the first time.
It's great to see this type of learning expanding, but it would be even better if more companies could think about how their software, apps or games could be re-appropriated to classrooms.

Do you agree with this type of thing being in schools for educational purposes?

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Posted 01:42am 26/1/16
I think that 'Dying Light' would be more appropriate here Steve


it seems tools are not yet available.

I am wrong
Posted 01:43am 26/1/16
if you haven't played it through let me know - I'll flick you a copy on Steam

*edit* offer still stands.... I made a mistake - I'll stand by it. Happy to send a copy to someone of your chosing
Posted 04:23pm 27/1/16
Can I get a copy koopz? I haven't played it yet.

suspicious_lump is my steam account.

Thanks man
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