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Post by KostaAndreadis @ 03:44pm 13/01/16 | 15 Comments
The hype for Ubisoft's The Division has been building gradually over the years, ever since its impressive debut in 2013. With a string of delays, new videos showcasing a far less visually impressive game, and some general development shake-ups, this new trailer goes a long way to showcase and rekindle the promise we saw when the title first debuted. It's packed with footage from what we can expect to see in the final version, and boy, it's looking good. Extremely good.

Watch it below.

Okay, so that was impressive right? The weapons, tactics, environments, and characters all look fantastic. The defensive shields, weapon modifications, flame-throwers, safe zones, and interface are all looking extremely polished.

In fact it's probably time to watch it again.

The Division is coming to PC, PS4 and Xbox One on March 8.

the divisiontrailer

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Posted 05:44pm 13/1/16
Back when it was first announced it looked cool, now it just looks like Destiny and all I can think of is the inevitable grind that will be involved. Think I'll wait and see for this one.
Posted 09:57pm 13/1/16
It's Ubisoft. That alone should be enough to make people think twice.
Posted 10:56pm 13/1/16
Will be waiting with my skeptical goggles on for reviews, good luck ubisoft.
Posted 12:48am 14/1/16
Can't be worse than DayZ.
Posted 01:25am 14/1/16
The original trailer made it feel very multiplayer focused, almost like an open world mmo-ish left 4 dead style co-op style of thing. In that new trailer it now looks single player with levelling up and killing things for loot by yourself, with social hubs you can go to where you see the other players, ala Destiny. Then you can group up with people to tackle the equivalent of an instance or 'dungeon'. It looks less interesting.

It seems to have lost a lot of the details that impressed in the beginning too. Even in that original trailer, the way the bullets and explosions ripped up the environments, cars getting bits shot off them while people are hiding behind them for cover, the little extra touches of interaction that made it look so cool, seem to have been mostly stripped away. Outside of some cool gadgets, the action in that trailer felt pretty meh to me.

I don't want to be 'that guy', but it kinda feels like the drop in quality is a result of having to pare the game down to run on consoles, cos I believe when that initial trailer was shown with all its lush graphics and fancy effects and physics, the game was for PC at the time wasn't it?
Posted 09:25am 14/1/16
Melrick - That's exactly why I haven't been hyped -at all- about it lol.

Ubisoft instantly equates with bulls*** in my mind. And it has for many years now...

I doubt that will change any time soon either.
Posted 04:42pm 14/1/16
Khel, it was coming to consoles, then after a petition they decided to bring it to pc too.

The Ubi hate just because it's Ubi is funny and not surprising from the peeps here.
Syndicate was a good experience on pc, siege is a solid experience on pc. I believe Far Cry 4 was quite well received too? But hey, who am I to step on the cool train.
Posted 04:54pm 14/1/16
For every good Ubisoft outcome, there's many, many bad outcomes. Ubisoft haven't even tried to hide the fact that they hate PC's and PC gamers.
Posted 06:27pm 14/1/16
Yeah they've screwed up a few times, I'm having trouble thinking of a developer/publisher that hasn't in one way or another.
my point being, which you just made clear with your massive generalization about them hating pc's and pc gamers (lol?), is that they cop a lot of hate purely because they are Ubi, much like EA.
Posted 09:32pm 14/1/16
I don't understand how games like that work with all the other people, does all the society/community hub stuff actually work?

I don't play any MMO's so am not sure. I normally stick to single player games as I don't have the time, or pals here in South Africa, to play online regularly.
Posted 10:15pm 14/1/16
In a full blown MMO theres other people all inhabiting and killing s*** and doing quests/missions alongside you out in the world and its a big shared world, but the content is usually balanced to be doable by yourself, though there's nothing stopping you forming impromptu groups with other people you find out in the world doing the same quests or killing the same things.

Then you have smaller little chunks of instanced content, which could be for example a dungeon to run through, usually tougher than the content you come accross outside, requires more strategy and has boss fights and better rewards. Those are group content usually for four or five people, so you form a group with friends (or with anyone if the game has some tools for finding other people to group up with), then enter the instance as a group, and the server spins up your own private version of the dungeon or whatever so its just your group in there till you're done and come back out into the shared world. Then there's usually some kind of large group content above that, which is also instanced dungeons and such but for groups of 10 or 20 or 30+ people at a time, and it often has the best rewards. That large group instanced content is often what mmo players are talking about when they're talking about raids, or when they use terms like 'endgame content'.

Then you've got stuff like Destiny, where the while world isn't shared, but a few main hubs like the capital cities are. So when you're in the city its full of other players you can interact with, but outside of that, out in the world, its like playing the game single player, or co-op with a couple of friends. Usually with an RPG style advancement system attached where you earn xp as you kill stuff so your character levels up and gets stronger. Theres usually some form of the mmo style small group and large group instances too, usually gated by your characters level or power or the quality of the gear you have. That's where the grind comes in.

Grind in an mmo sense is, at its most basic, a repetitive task you do over and over in an attempt to improve your character in some way. So the grind could be used to gate content (like, maybe you need 5 pieces of a key before you can do the next piece of instanced content, but the mission that rewards a key piece can only be done once a week), it could be a level you need to reach before being able to do content (so you might end up having to go out and kill things over and over and over till you have enough xp), or it could be specific pieces of gear or weapons you need before being able to progress. When you kill bosses you have a random chance to get gear or not, then if you do, it's a random piece of gear from that boss's loot table. So if you get a run of bad luck it can take a LOT of kills to get what you need, hence the grind.

That grind, and that constant cycle of improving your character so you can kill tougher stuff to get better gear and improve your character, is the feedback loop that gets people hooked on mmo's. At the same time though, it can gate off content unless you're willing to make a significant time commitment, so unless you're willing to grind it out there's a good chance you'll never get to play through everything in the game.
Posted 11:08pm 14/1/16
I don't want to be 'that guy', but it kinda feels like the drop in quality is a result of having to pare the game down to run on consoles, cos I believe when that initial trailer was shown with all its lush graphics and fancy effects and physics, the game was for PC at the time wasn't it?

they probably just put the PhysX stuff away when the producers decided they were focusing on making it for the consoles

it just looks like a gamified version of Falling Skies now, do not want
Posted 11:14pm 14/1/16
I don't want to be 'that guy', but it kinda feels like the drop in quality is a result of having to pare the game down to run on consoles, cos I believe when that initial trailer was shown with all its lush graphics and fancy effects and physics, the game was for PC at the time wasn't it?

nope, it was originally revealed as a console exclusive at e3 2013. a few months later they announced they were going to make a PC version.
Posted 12:07am 15/1/16
Cool, cheers Khel. Yeah the grind is very unappealing to me, who's got time for that!? ;)

I'd be interested to see if Division's kind of community-building type approach to the communal areas would work, sounds like it'd take a lot of organisation between random players!

Great if the communities are good like that, all I hear about is how much of a d*** most people in the DOTA community are! Though thinking about it, EVE had some pretty impressive organisation and collaboration going on between large numbers of players.
Posted 10:58pm 16/1/16
I played the alpha on XB1 and loved it, I was expecting bad, but got hooked, want to grab it on PC now as I see myself really playing the hell out of it
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