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Post by KostaAndreadis @ 02:54pm 13/01/16 | 8 Comments
Which is basically the PC equivalent of the company's EA Access service for Xbox One, where for a monthly fee you get access to a library of EA titles. And play them for as long as you remain subscribed. Origin Access, the PC equivalent, has launched today for $4.99 USD per month. Some of the games in the service so far include Battlefield 4, Battlefield Hardline, Dragon Age: Inquisition, and The Sims 3. Launching in the US, Canada, UK, and Germany Origin Access is not yet available in Australia, but that's probably just a matter of time.

Origin Access members will also get a 10% discount on full games and DLC. Which, if based on RRP might be worthless. In addition to EA titles Origin Access will also be including third-party titles, the first of which, This War of Mine, is available now.

15 titles make-up the launch of Origin Access.

  • Battlefield 3 SE
  • Battlefield 4 Digital Deluxe Edition
  • Battlefield Hardline Digital Deluxe Edition
  • Dead Space
  • Dead Space 2
  • Dead Space 3
  • Dragon Age 2
  • Dragon Age Inquisition Digital Deluxe Edition
  • Dragon Age Origins Ultimate Edition
  • FIFA 15 SE
  • NFS: Rivals Complete Ed.
  • Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare
  • SimCity (2013)
  • The Sims 3 Starter Pack
  • This War of Mine

There's also a launch trailer featuring Bill Nye.

Naturally the response from those that enjoy commenting on YouTube videos remains almost exclusively in the 'EA is evil' camp, but in all seriousness this is a pretty good move on EA's part. A gaming subscription service is something that is long overdue on PC, and even if you're not all that interested in what EA is offering up so far, Origin Access will hopefully keep adding new titles regularly. It could even lead to a competitive service popping up in the future.

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Latest Comments
Posted 04:48am 14/1/16
It's not too bad of a deal. Trouble is you gotta download them.
Posted 06:28am 14/1/16
downloading is trouble?
Posted 06:54am 14/1/16
Pretty interesting idea. Nothing I'd really want to play right now but maybe once more titles get in there.
Posted 11:35am 14/1/16
You'd think they would of thrown in Battlefront and Need For Speed to get the numbers up for those games.
Posted 01:48pm 14/1/16
Big surprise is no Titanfall. Would have assumed it would have been there.

You'd think they would of thrown in Battlefront and Need For Speed to get the numbers up for those games.

Games on the XB1 have gone in about 10 months or so after release so I would expect Battlefront (if Disney allows it) to go in around October or so.
Posted 02:15pm 14/1/16
Ahh good old EA. The innovator of nothing and the Copier of everything that other people do that works, except not as good.
Posted 02:16am 16/1/16
Can I DL Simcity and give it a go again now?
Posted 08:37pm 17/1/16
S*** deal is s***.

EA doesn't make many of their sport titles for PC anymore.
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