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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 12:25pm 13/01/16 | 4 Comments
We're revisiting our World of Tanks promo where someone can win an Amazon Voucher worth $500.00 USD to be used in World of Tanks, with five runners up also eligible for a $100.00 USD Amazon Voucher.

Wargaming.net has teamed up with AusGamers to give away Amazon Vouchers valued at USD $1000 in its mega-successful World of Tanks title! Own all of the tanks!

Despite the game being wholly not pay-to-win, punters still like shiny things, and shiny tanks, and so Wargaming.net has offered up a prize-pool of USD $1000, with a grand prize winner receiving a USD $500 Amazon Voucher, with five runners-up receiving a USD $100 Amazon Voucher each!

How to participate? Simply answer a simple question, register and play World of Tanks! You'll need to be an active player for at least 14 days and have purchased at least one tank.

You need a Wargaming account to win, so register here.

Also, please add in your Wargaming.net in-game name in the extra field when submitting your answer!

To enter, you just need to answer in 25 words or less:

What do you like about World of Tanks?
Click here to enter the competition now!

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Latest Comments
Posted 12:41pm 13/1/16
Putting a value on in-game cosmetic skins as a prize for a competition is one of the strangest things about the gaming world.

I don't understand it, it's worrisome how much people car about the look of their character
Posted 12:47am 14/1/16
But...you can't use Amazon US in any reasonable way as an Australian. At least the $500 USD is worth more when converted so yay audio books.
Posted 08:58am 14/1/16
I don't understand it, it's worrisome how much people car about the look of their character

Hush, leave them be. Expensive shiny cosmetics mean the normal people can play for free.
Posted 09:24am 14/1/16
The "cosmetics" tend to also not just be cosmetic in Wargaming games...

For ex - The camo actually has an effect on gameplay.
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